NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


The A League is soccer and Gatt is a soccer writer. I’m talking about Aussie Rules.


My mistake LOL


I think if you look back at a lot of our games this year you will find that most teams bar Donegal have come out of the traps like greyhounds against us , we just contain that exuberance from the opposition and are happy to go in at half time level a point or two up or behind and then we change our game plan up the tempo and generally win the second half comfortably. Be interesting to see our stats score wise for the second half of all our league games this year.


Whereas in GAA referees seem to get rewarded with more games after poor performances :joy::joy:




A more simple explanation is that Dublin are able to bring on better subs…as opposed to a change in game plan in the second half.

A better stat might to compare the scoring impact from Dublin’s subs compared with other counties.

It’s the last 10 minutes that teams really struggle to live with Dublin.


Or maybe we bring on the subs to change our approach?


For sure it’s both…but for me the most significant factor is that Dublin’s subs are so good that they’re able to make a difference.

I don’t think any of Galway’s subs got a score. Dublins subs can.

That’s not taking away from any win…just the headache teams have to face.


And take into account who wasn’t available that day either who could have been subs . The reserves are turning into starters now & pushing everybody for a spot .


seeing a game in the flesh and watching it back on tv later as we all know are as different as porter and piss. what you perceive by being at the game is generally far more accurate than what you convince yourself of when watching it back on the box. points that you marvel at in the stadium often look ordinary on telly. the general tone of a game, even the atmosphere, cannot be judged from tv where the camera is on 3 or 4 players. the number of games i’ve been at that were average to say the least and were described by pat as a “fantastic game of gaelic football” later on. i was at the galway game in salthill and they were filth from start to finish although it didn’t appear that way on tv and it wasn’t mentioned on tsg. i had to watch the final from a bar in prague and they were filth from start to finish and it DID appear that way on tv and it wasn’t mentioned on tsg.


Most definitely true, our subs scored theirs didn’t but also feel our subs changed our approach because they can. Mayo, Tyrone, Galway and Kerry etc. Don’t at the moment seem to have the option to change the game plan. Galway have a game changer IMO of Walsh if they use him right and if they could find a way of making Lundy an intercounty forward then could be a threat but feel Mayo will unfortunately put them in their box in May.


You’re right they were filth in both games but we drew one and won the other because we can now handle filth and at times the poor officiating that goes with it.


Even fringe players like E O’Gara can be thrown on to cause havoc…he was brought on late against Tyrone in HP and got himself a goal. Didn’t he score in the semi as well? (we were making our way out of CP)

He doesn’t the same finesse as some of his team mates…but it’s horses for course and I’d say he’d start most other teams.


couldn’t agree more daller, eoghan has always been one of my favourites. i’m perfectly willing to accept a couple of mistakes for each gem of a play which invariably comes from eoghan. he’s the kind of player that needs to be playing too for him to increase his percentages and unfortunately for him, there is too much competition in the dublin forward division for him to get the time he needs. at risk of a bullet, he’d be better off with another county.


Near sure he’s got 3 goals against Tyrone…and all as a sub.

A wrecking ball of a player to bring on a tired defense.

Every season it seems his chances are reducing with new talent coming through. Fair play to him for sticking in.


Almost right…

He got goals in the semi-final and league game in HP.

In last year’s league game in CP he set-up Dean Rock for a tap in.

Not a bad return for 3 sub appearances.


And goal v Tyrone in AIQ in 2010 again as a sub. He likes playing Tyrone does EOG :grin:


Strange how some players develop a habit of scoring against a particular team.

E O’G probably has a better goal record v tyrone than any other Dublin forward…and yet he’s nearly always a sub.

Hmmmm…sooner he retires the better.


That’s been typical of many of our serious games/contests going back years.


Never really thought of that. Now that you mention it I seem to recall Kev doing well in a couple of games against Kerry. :grin: