NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


I’ve always assumed most ressers are from the north side as there are double the number of clubs on the north side! Hmmm!


So what does that make a rural (North County) Dub??


Two refs are easy to accommodate if all the officials do some crazy stuff like implement the rules of the game. There are enough rules to eliminate the need for interpretation.


Better than everyone else! :sunglasses:



I still can’t get over Andrew Strong only been 18 when that film was made .


They grow up so fast!


Comer is a serious player. Best full forward in the country now.


So true :+1::grinning:


A Dub + Culchie = a Dulchie☺


And other posters (referees?) have pointed out, those other officials can only advise the referee during breaks in play, they can’t be active, and lets face it, umpires appear to be just jobs that are handed out to the referees mates.

Two refs, one for each half of the field, they stay that side whole match. Black cards don’t work because of the instant substitution, sin bin for black card would be better - the proof of it being better was the campaign to end it which never seemed to happen with black cards.


So the opposite is a club :crazy_face:


Nothing funnier than a culchie referring to another culchie as a culchie because he is under the impression that he himself is a townie…


That’s so true.

My wife would say that at the teen discos in Omagh, kids from the likes of Drumquin would’ve been known as munchies or farmers - whilst the townie kids came from the likes of Dromore…which is literally one street, a chapel and football club.

And of course, the local Omagh kids saw themselves as proper townies.

Then they go to UUJ or Queens and they all sound the same to people from Belfast !


And a castle…unless the song was lying :rofl:


That’s a blatant lie to trick tourists into going…just a pile of mass rocks.

But you might catch a glimpse of Dromore’s version of Brad Pitt…Ricey!


Dromore County Down is much more famous. Just saying


Think I heard on a podcast recently something about Galway having made a concerted effort to ensure that as many as possible of their players are Galway based. In mere practical terms, it has to help preparations for practicing on-field tactical plays. Physical preparations a lot less so.


Butt out of this Al.

Dromore in Tyrone makes a small unscrupulous fortune in pretending to be the nicer Dromore in Co Down.


Jesus, if Drumquin are Munchies, doesn’t say much for Aghyaran - herself is wil’ offended :grinning: