NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


And the rest…


I know alot of stuff wasnt picked up by the camera . It’s been a while since I’ve actually been really pissed off & insenced by some of the off the ball shit going on . Yes , we were guilty ourself but there was alot of sneaky crap & holding runners and generally dragging out of players who were no where near the play .
Let alone the incidents involving MDMA & Howard .


That’s an excellent observation.


For what’s it’s worth…I saw it on TV and didn’t see that many incidents.

For what’s it’s worth…I saw it on TV and saw several incidents.


Like I said, culture of acceptance, even the norm now. We’re all to blame for letting it get to this. A guy that “everybody respects and admires” won POTY after spending a good part of said year hanging out of opponents off the ball to stop the most skillful attacking players from playing. And was roundly applauded for it. This pretty much said it all for me about where we have allowed things to get to. “Ya boy ya!” physicality and dirt.


Blame the managers. Considering the time they spend together. Who else but the managers are to blame?


Managers have always been part of it, even just turning a blind eye. But the culture has always been there, maybe it hasn’t got worse, maybe its just we’re more aware of it especially with blanket defences and players moving around all over the field and so on.
Referees are not able to ref it because linesmen don’t do much, its clearly for the most part accepted.


Players are fitter, covering more ground, making more tackles and so maybe the probability increases.

But whether it’s got worse or not…there’s definitely more scrutiny - whether it’s more cameras at games or social media.

I’d say players got away with a lot more 15-20 years ago.


They most certainly did. Violence at club and inter county far more prevalent in the 80s and 90s than now. Some of the stuff committed in the pitch have you in jail if you did it on the street.


I’m going back a bit…but I mind a senior player let it be known he was going to wreck an opponent.

Even at the time I thought it was bad.

Thankfully there’s much less acdeptance of that now - and more punishment.

That’s why I was slightly surprised at the negative tone in the article.


Just as you say that…it was a tradition that a sub was welcomed on to the pitch with shoulders.

And nothing was thought of it. It just seemed normal.


Everyone can give out about ‘Bold Leeroy’ but we all have to admit he can play ball as well, not many players have scored the types of goals that he scores in All Ireland Finals, his goal in 2016 final was some strike to beat Cluko


People can give off about LK.

But there aren’t many fans who wouldn’t want him on their team.

And maybe there’s a part to him that doesn’t want to man-mark, but does it for the good of the team.


At the start Philly was tasked with picking up Comer, Johnny Cooper played sweeper. Philly was obviously given licence to do his usual roaming and maybe Gavin felt Comer would follow him out, but Comer didnt, so who ever was back Philly, fitzy or Johnny picked him up. Problem was Galway were winning a lot of breaking ball around the middle. We also didnt put pressure on their knockouts. With the result, they came through right hand side of midfield easily and had time to pick out a man. But looking back now , we allowed them play in first half.
Second half was different , Fitzy man marked Comer , We had the ball a lot more , Fitzy was getting up and down the pitch with the ball and Comer followed him .
Fitzy was brilliant for the first 15 mins after half time and Comer spent more time in the Galway half back line chasing him. After that Comer still did ok. But Dublin had a lot more possession, Howard and Fenton got on the ball more. We put pressure on their kickouts , we squeezed them , Fitzy, Davy Byrne , Philly kept running up the pitch and by the last ten minutes they weren’t able to keep up , even though we had only 14 men.
Galway are still a very good team and it should be a good battle with mayo . but i think Mayo will beat them in championship,


And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s completely incomparable to the discussion at hand. Ah sure god be with the days when you could say bold things ha?

And as for the same old waffle being trotted out about LK, this is more of a reason to be pissed off about it. “Ah he’s a great player, we all want him on our team”, what’s any of that got to do with what he was getting away with, and in fact applauded for? And I’m not going to bring in the Dublin angle to this, I’m just talking about what it says about the culture.


A lot.

It goes to the heart of hypocrisy of people who slag him off…yet would have him in heart beat.

He’d a helping hand in getting SC sent off…but doesn’t stop me thinking he’s a good player.

Fair play if you really feel the culture of the game has went down the tubes…but there’s frig all you can do on here…and I’m not sure what golden era of football you’re in love with.

Warts and all…I’d rather watch the game today.


The discussion wasn’t about who you’d have in your team, it was about the culture of dirt in the game being lauded, especially when it’s a brilliant marquee player who does it. You have to be able to seperate these things out. LK is the example because in stead of watching him play more and more brilliant football we watched him spend half his time doing shite.

And where did I say I’m in love with any golden era of football? You obviously don’t actually read the posts. And there will be damn all anyone can do about if we just keep up the same old nod and a wink way of doing things.
There’s nothing hypocritical about people saying they would have LK in their team, they are talking about him as a player and competitor, that’s nothing really to do with a discussion of the rules of the game, and the culture of cheating.

Anyway at least you’re honest and now in effect are able to say openly that you like the way that players can do all that stuff, off the ball especially, and get away with it alot of the time, you like that part of the game we have, that’s fair enough, I respect that, just don’t dress it up as something else.

I hate it.


You mean your discussion.

I like today’s game. And so I can’t argue with you about the culture.

And it’s fairly pointless…we aren’t going to change it.

It’s like the Workers Party up here in the 80s…would meet in a bar banging on about the state of the world…and when they came out it was exactly the same.


Not that I like it. It just doesn’t bother me as it does you.


Yes my discussion, or my point, which you responded to. So our discussion. Anyway, all we ever seem to do is argue, maybe we’re just not meant to be together? We never used to argue, and you always laughed at my jokes.

The pepper pot is empty again. Do you want more wine? I’m tired. You never want to talk about important things…