NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


I would agree on rte’s take on the ref, I felt for most of the game he fell for some gamesmanship from galway, but close to the I felt we got some soft calls.


Likely at the cost of plenty of frees and cheap yellows. Cut off the supply of ball and frustrate him into coming out the field. If he does wander back in, set Philly or Cooper loose on him


In the first half Philly was getting roasted and kept losing him and Philly wanted to be the extra man all the time and was trying to pass him off to Cooper who was spare.

I felt that Philly needed to be taken either off him or subbed and once he went off him Philly had a decent enough game.


I will have to rewatch, i was sitting in the corner of the cusack near the canal and thought Fitz picked him up to start with but then switched with Philly.


I thought comer turned philly a few times too


Don’t mind the squads . I’ll have a hard time explaining it to my wife !


Haven’t even thought about that conversation yet.


Got to say it’s been an exciting Div 1.

In some ways the fun stops between now and the Super 8s - bar a few spicy games.

Who’d have figured Galway would be playing in the final, Mayo escaping the drop…and relegating Donegal in the process.

For me, the highs were the last 3 league games and hopefully shaking off the semi v Dublin. And it was an exciting final.

Ciaran W and P Jordan both recently arguing for the c’ship to be tweaked. But can’t imagine the Provincial boards will budge.


I think the provincial boards will have to go first or at least morph into a north/south/east/west format before there will be any major change. Or maybe provincial champos will just turn into the new O’Byrne Cup.


I’d say they do train together but running a training session with 13-14 players (allowing for injuries/work) etc is far from ideal. You can do drills etc but the headline talk about the benefits of the in house matches of Dublin footballers or kilkenny hurlers tells alot of the downside.
Massive disadvantage IMO with manager in one side of country and half panel the other side.
Plus when they do meet up as full panel, you have half your panel then faced with 6 hour round trip.
Looking at the listing from mayoman, they appear to have 3 of forward line training together in Dublin and other 3 in Mayo.

BTW for all the talk about imports to dublin club scene, none of the 18 Mayo players based in dublin play their club football there.


Not sure about the other boards…but there’ll be a lot of opposition up here.

Especially if there’s a competitive Ulster c’ship.

But I enjoyed the novelty of having Dublin, Donegal and Kerry all in Healy Park.


There would be a lot of opposition up there if they were offered free cake and tits. It’s what they do :wink:


Are you implying the Ulster board are known for intransigence, rejecting change, veto-ing at Congress, and wanting the status quo?

I disagree with that stereotype.

Sure this year we’ve allowed women into the same seated area as the men.


And now for a different perspective on the final…from the most popular paper.

Here’s Danny Hughes saying good and bad.


I thought it was more the other way round in that Mick Fitz picked him up mid way through the first half and tended to stick with him after that but Dublin play such a loose formation at the back that it’s hard to tell at times. Anyone can appear anywhere on the field during a game so it’s not like the old days when the backs stuck with the one man for the entire game. from the outside looking in the players seem to be passing forwards on to each other every couple of minutes but obviously the have their system and it is so well practiced that it works


Seems Danny missed a few “incidents” involving Galway while describing their play .


But those aren’t incidents in Ulster.


For what’s it’s worth…I saw it on TV and didn’t see that many incidents.

I know it’s different when you’re in the crowd and see off the ball incidents etc.

But genuinely thought it was a good game for the neutral.


I think Danny missed the fish hook.


If Mayo beat Galway Comer and Co will be out of the Connacht championship in round one. They then can’t be the Connacht runners up. It’s more likely one way or the other that Roscommon will be the Connacht runners up.
It’s also likely that one or more Provincial runner up will be beaten by a back door team who would then qualify for the Super 8s.