NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


Donegal in 2012 were anything but ordinary. Their three best forwards were all brilliant throughout and defensively and midfield they did their job.
The interesting question for me about 14 was would Mayo have beaten Donegal?


I agree that time doesn’t seem to be on the side of this particular Mayo team, and that perhaps they should have taken advantage of the chances they had to win an all Ireland in the last few years, but at the back of my mind I am always aware that when Dublin finally won the all Ireland in 95, it was probably the weakest team we had fielded over the previous 5 or 6 years, but we finally got the job done and a bit of luck ran our way that year for once.


Very similar situation/story really. The differences were that Dublin team got lucky that year in that they didn’t have to face any of the other best sides of the era (Down, Derry, Donegal) and were alot more experienced than that Tyrone team. Even then they just scraped over the line though very deservedly as they played all the football really.
Mayo haven’t had the luck to get to a final/win a final without having to beat one of the other top three sides of this era.

And then also, that Dublin team gained belief and experience by having won two national leagues in that era, one of them after a replay with Donegal who had beaten them the year before in the All-I final. They went out and took control of the final against Tyrone, and then played the percentages fairly well, only the fact Tyrone had one of the greatest players and free-takers ever got them so close in the end.
So far in their games Vs Dublin since 2012 Mayo haven’t really got control of a game, though I do think they were unlucky in 2016 in the first game when they were well on top and the two freak goals made a massive difference, especially on such a wet day.


A lot of people are writing off Mayo, even for the first game againist Galway. I suspect their demise is overstated. Its no secret that they are targeting the Galway game and I’m not sure galway will live with the intensity when it arrives. We Dubs have witnessed it first hand in Croke park and I believe that against any team other besides ourselves, they would have been on the winning side. The stage is ripe for an ambush and if they replicate their Dub performances, Galway are in for a shock. I know its early championship, but Mayo know they will have to peak a lot earlier this year, if their to avoid the back door.


Enjoyed reading this article.Comer is a handful.not sure we have a defender with the particular attributes to mark him if we meet Galway again this summer.

Lets assume we win Leinster this year. The super 8 schedule has us down to meet Ulster winners( Tyrone?) on July 14/15. A week later we meet Munster R/up Maybe Tipp with Quinlivan at FF. Final game v Connacht r/up on Aug 11/12. If Mayo beat Galway we could be faced with Comer again. So there is a possibility we meet 2 quality no 14s that could cause serious problems. Cant help but feel we have never replaced Rory with the traditional skill set associated with a Full back.


One without a jersey for Comer to drag out of? For all the praise, he didn’t see a whole lot of ball for most of the game. I’ll be an optimist and put that down to good planning and defending on Dublin’s part. Fingers crossed!


Perplexed myself how that turned out . He could have ran riot . I’d have to watch it back again to see what the story was there .


Philly McMahon.


On the master fixture list the the All Ireland semis are fixed for the 11th and 12th


Super 8 game 3 is on weekend 4/5/6 August.


4 Games in 5 weeks one of which is the semi final. It’s a serious ask for squads with high mileage and poor depth. It should seriously suit Dublin adding in inevitable injuries suspensions recovery times .


They do train in Dublin together. It’s not ideal though to have your intercounty team split in 2 groups…you not agree ?


As a friend of mine says…”sure isn’t he chase better than the prize?” - I disagree though, I want to see us win it…if or when it ever does happen it would be some party alright…


Regarding Comer, i said it before the league match that he was a serious handful, however upon reflection of the league final, our half backs and half forwards were second to the majority of breaking ball, this improved considerably in the 2nd half, so more pressure out the field by Dublin restricted quality ball into Comer in the second half, the same can be said for any robust FF, if the right pressure is applied out the field then the FF will not do as much damage as expected. With Cian due back and Jacko making a recovery and Jamesey slotting into the HB line where IMO he is best suited i think we are well versed to stop a maurading full forward. We will need an aggressive and switched on HF line and HB line.


If I remember correctly he was marked initially by mick fitz, he might have been a bit to nice to him, Philly wouldn’t be as gentle with him I’d imagine. Comer is a cave man and needs to be handled as such.


They remind me alot of Donegal 2011/12.There is an all Ireland in that team if they get the balance right ,And we take a year off.


according to the irish times article, it was mick fitz who was put on him in the second half and that seemed to have sorted him out - funny how in light of all the whinging about the match Clerkin nods approvingly of Comer using his knees on fitz’s back to score that fisted point…

someone also posted the article on referees, which in the midst of saying how unfair everyone is on them, has a line about how Galway couldnt buy a free after scully was sent off. Amazing stuff, Jeff.

when all is said and done, we had a man off, we had a blood sub off most of the match (in which RTE’s co-commentator was approving of the hit he got on the ground as it was happening), we had one of our first choice defenders off with an injury and another on a yellow. We still won without hitting first gear and afterward Jim Gavin in remaking on con’s contribution mentioned how the team wasn’t at anything like peak fitness yet. I for one am quite happy with that.


as i’ve said before about that, same with kerry in the 70’s and 80’s who didnt have an abbotstown to train in either.


ah come on… the stuff we selectively take from the mayo board is the creme de la creme of nuttiness and is presented in that manner as it is actually funny stuff. that said, there have been terrible things said over there which are not funny and we have mentioned (although it pales with some of the incredibly awful stuff said on twitter - go look at the #DubvGal from sunday and what some of your countymen said in a match you were not even in) which I believe we, in this dublin fans discussion forum, are entitled to comment on.

If it was just generic “■■■■ them anyway the shites” stuff who would care, but it is the constant repetition of

the referee
playing in croke park
professional team
fixes by the GAA
cheating by the GAA to get dublin to win

that we see after every game that is very annoying. When we object to it or argue the point we now are told to get on and enjoy the win, that we are bitter even when we are winning and all that that passive aggressive bullshit.

At least here in the genteel relaxing surroundings of Res Dub’s Towers you can - yes even you greenred, can actually not post about GAA AT ALL!! There are plenty of other topics!! You dont need to worry about the admin kicking you out! You can even - gasp - be critical of players, and actually name them in doing so!!

As for the aido’s diary thing, we like to rip the piss out of everything, and we only do it because we love him really. And his imaginary headbutts.


You are correct, Philly kept him much quieter, but the ref helped. Philly was all over him before any ball was played in and the ref never blew for it or just didnt see it. A ref like Gough who seeks out that stuff would have given Galway more. Suppose it swings in roundabouts considering they were at the exact same for kickouts etc.