NFL Division 2 2019


Alas it is very much not in your hands @Rufus_T_Firefly :thinking: - promotion very much a long shot.


Sorry, I should have clarified - I was thinking in terms of avoiding relegation! :disappointed:


Ooops - my bad! :blush:


League finished with Meath and Donegal promoted and Tipp and Cork relegated.

We had nothing to play for in yesterday’s game at home to Cork and it showed early on, being ten points down and not raising a gallop. The team must have got a bollicking at half time and came out re-energized and almost pulled out an unlikely victory before going down by a single point. Cork’s victory proved fruitless for them as Clare’s comeback against Tipp ended up relegating them on the basis of Clare’s head-to-head win earlier in the league.

Meath looked to have been comfortable enough against Fermanagh and deserved promotion, as they only lost one game and that due to a goalkeeping howler on the opening day of the league. Donegal were too strong for Kildare and deserved to pip Fermanagh for the second promotion spot.

Fermanagh are making the best use of the limited resources they have and they had a couple of excellent wins against Kildare and Donegal that had them right in the mix for promotion, but unfortunately for them they lost their last two games away to ourselves and Meath.

For Armagh, a real curate’s egg of an effort - good in parts. We threw away two league points in our first two games with draws away to Kildare and home to Clare which left us on the back foot for the rest of the campaign. We went down by six points in Navan in a match we looked like winning with ten minutes to go and followed that up with a one point defeat in Ballybofey on a terrible night weather wise, which meant we were now trying to avoid relegation. Victory over Fermanagh last week confirmed our survival and that ‘nothing to play for’ position meant that we played poorly and lost at home to relegated Cork.

Most Armagh fans though will be happy enough not to be playing Division One football next year, as there appears to be a significant step up in class which we would struggle with.

Cavan and Roscommon are coming back down, and such is the nature of football at the moment that I’d daresay they are probably the two favourites to go back up again next year.