NFL Division 2 2019





Cork in a desperate position. Meath look good in this division, they seem to be improving



The biggest GAA county playing in Div 3 looks very likely ,Morto.!!! Playing meath in the league would be something to look forward to next year ,its avery long time since that happened, think the last time was in parnell when all hell broke lose ,good few players sent off and some knacker in the stands tried to throw a cup of coffee over ciaran whelan when he was shown a red , 2008 ???



I agree would actually love to see it I know it’s been a while but for me Dublin meath is the best rivalry of the lot proper real intensity I miss it nothing else really gets me going the way this game used to meath seem to be improving but cork are very poor they play Kildare next that might give a real indication of where they’re at



Cork still have to play Donegal so won’t get any easier for them.



Donegal beaten by Fermanagh. So much for home advantage. Karma.



Looking good for kildare and meath to come up , they then have to play their home games in croker :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:



We had a very welcome win at home to Tipperary yesterday. They had a man sent off after about twenty minutes, and that effectively ended the match as a contest. The remaining forty five - fifty minutes was very poor to say the least, as the Armagh players seemed to take their collective foot off the pedal when Tipp went down to fourteen men. Armagh’s play was labored and ponderous, and to be honest, Tipp were brutal, amassing a total of two points from play.

It leaves things very tight in the division, with still all to play for. Meath and Fermanagh lead the way on six points, with Kildare on five, Donegal and ourselves on four, Tipp and Clare on three and Cork at the bottom on one. Cork need points urgently and don’t look as if they’re not going to get them at the moment. Everyone else could still conceivably be promoted / relegated, although next week’s fixtures are likely to clarify things for the run in.



Division 2 is shaping up nicely.



The one game Meath lost, away to Donegal, they threw away a five point lead near the end

They look to be improving this year. I fancy them and KIldare to go up



Biggest brainfart in goalkeeping I have seen in a while that Meath goalkeeper made. Love to see Mordor back in Div 1.



Away trips to Enniskillen & Armagh would be a great day out. Getting bored with the same merry go round of the same counties getting relegated & promoted every year. So at risk of a Ressers flogging… g’wan Santy’s Little Helper & Rufus’s mob.

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It would be great to get a meet up again with a few old friends from here, but I think there’s a feeling within Armagh that we might be better off outside Division 1!

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Know what you mean boss. Having to listen to the Animals and the Mayo Nays bitch and moan when you bate seven shades of shyte ourra them, will take YEARS off your life !

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Meath and Fermanagh looking good for promotion.



Armagh with a better points difference than Donegal but 2 league points worse off. Must be thinking what might’ve been.



But they’ve only won one out of 5!?



Could’ve been easily 3 out of 5. Cudda, wudda, shudda I suppose.

Donegal have Cork away & Kildare at home so they’d still be hopeful of getting into the top 2. Fermanagh still unbeaten.



Attendance at semple stadium last night ?? the grand total of 1,179 .



100% John. Had both Kildare and Clare beat to the world but an inability to close out the game coupled with a lack of a killer instinct when on top (not a good combination) meant that we spurned two points in the draws with Kildare and Clare. Both of those could come back to haunt us.

I wasn’t at the Donegal game, but apparently it was played in appalling conditions, with the key score coming from Michael Murphy who came on and notched 1-2 from play - Donegal managed a total of 1-3 from play - so just our luck that he made his first appearance at that time!

We have now two games at home to finish the league - Fermanagh and Cork - so it is very much still in our own hands. The fixtures for St Paddy’s weekend are;

Clare v Meath,
Armagh v Fermanagh
Kildare v Tipp
Cork v Donegal.

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