NFL Division 2 2019


Jack Hannigan is another keeper with Ashbourne. He was on Meath two year ago.


The sub goalie Barry Dardis is apparently one of the best club forwards in Meath.


I think he was the highest scoring club forward in Meath senior football last year.


Yeah that’s true about dardis I read that during the OBC strange that he is the sub keeper


A lot of Meath keepers in recent years played outfield for club and county

Joe Sheridan
Paddy O’Rourke
David Gallagher


I see gary sweeney from syls scored a few for them over the weekend too.


Terraces closed safety issue with the moss i believe…Heard with the empty terracing its difficult to see the posts in game time.Clouring of said terraces doesnt help with nobody on them…hurlers glad they are now moved to pairc ui rinn.


Upcoming games moved to Pairc Ui Rinn for the foreseeable. Co Board admitting today the pitch is unplayable. What a shambles.


Ara sure I was looking forward to the trip!


Another result yesterday for us where we snatched a draw from the jaws of victory. Played a lot of the game with fourteen men after Jamie Clarke received a straight red mid way through the first half. Clare could not make their advantage tell and when they were reduced to fourteen in the second half, Armagh managed to put the pressure on and have a four point lead going into injury time. However a brilliant point from a sideline ball was followed by a ball from an identical position floated into the square and it was fisted off the post and looked to me as if it had crossed the line before our keeper caught it. Unfortuately the umpire agreed with me and so we had to make do with the draw.

Definitely a point dropped. We are in Navan this Sunday, and on the basis of form to date, I could see us struggling. Donegal’s win over Meath means they are the only team with a 100% record. Fermanagh, like ourselves, managed a second draw in two games, away to Tipp whilst Kildare beat Cork who look as if they’re going to struggle.


Group of death!

Editorial: Tipp v Donegal should read 3-9 to 0-13.


Fermanagh the only unbeaten team. You can’t beat a good defence …


I, for one, am happy to see both Meath and Cork in their current positions.


Damm straight.

This b0ll0cks that the GAA “needs” a strong Cork or a strong Meath is just that - b0ll0cks !


Meath were the better team against us yesterday and deserved their victory, although the margin flattered them somewhat as they got a breakaway goal at the death when we were chasing the game.

Armagh won the toss and decided to play into a very strong breeze (:confounded:), and we found ourselves down by 1-9 to 0-3 at the interval. We came out in the second half and had Meath on the ropes, with the score 1-10 to 0-12 and plenty of time to reel them in. At this stage Meath could not get out of their defence and were showing clear signs of panic. However we seemed to lose our way with a series of bad pass options and poor shot selections and they broke out and added points, which left us chasing the game at the end.

For us, there is a real lack of a killer instinct as we had Meath there for the taking. It leaves us second last on two points, and yet just two points off the top of the division, so still all to play for.

We now have four games left, three of which are at home (Fermanagh, Tipp and Cork) so our destiny is still in our own hands. Avoiding relegation would be very important, although I’m not sure we would want to get promoted, looking in on Saturday night’s match in Tralee.


I would always have been of the opinion that the GAA needs a strong Dublin and was one of the reasons I was so desperate to see youse make the break through in 2011.

Am I talking bollox?


But we were strong, compared to the rest of the country, which is what I’m talking about. We were routinely winning our provincial championship & getting to AI quarter finals & semi finals on a a fairly frequent basis. We also did a decent job of maintaining Div 1 status, year in year out. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. Cork & Meath aren’t even close to doing any of that. Just because we routinely got hockeyed by better teams like Kerry, Tyrone, or were not going all the way & winning Sam doesn’t mean we we ever in as bad a state as Cork or Meath are now. The GAA also got on just fine when Kerry & that shower of Tyrone gurriers were hoovering up all those All Ireland’s in the noughties.


You never talk bolloxs Rufus.


Gosh, I’m not sure about that!! :no_mouth:

But God Bless you for saying it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t make me change my mind. :sunglasses: