NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones


Down by 4 with 2 mins left?

Not even Kev Mc could pull that off. :grinning:


Down by 2 when I typed it.


How is that a free?


We have an Awesome team with awesome character


Game should be over but how that wasn’t a foul on Philly??? McQuillan had been a disgrace, every time a Monaghan player is touched the hand goes up, but we be to be mauled to get the free


Eat some skittles and have a coke ! That will speed it typing


Get in there. Bring on Donegal next week :+1:


A good win in the end. I’d rather not have to face McManus and McCarron in the Championship though.


Epic win really . Everything went wrong . Most of the newbies failed their auditions .

And we still won . Certainly puts the Leinster rugby team to the back pages I think


Yet again that’s some win. 6 points down, hostile crowd, officials against them and most teams would drop the head. Unbelievable character.

Great to see once again, pleasure to follow


Great result but you could see Monaghan fading down the straight. 10 mins to go and they were out on their feet. What a goal by Jack Mac. Those types of runs will get a score or a free every time.
Another good display from Berno he looks as focused as ever, dare I say a man with a point to prove.


What’s left to be said 'bout this team?

Bench proved key again but COS, BB, Jack Mc won’t be the men coming in, that’s the only thing.


looking like Kerry in the final, if mayo hang on winning by a point but started 10 mins later




Mayo came back into it didn’t realise that :astonished:


Donegal now losing to Mayo


Mayo were one up last I saw, Kerry have a far better score diff




Yep Scully and Mchugh won’t remember today too fondly. Would imagine the team starting next week will resemble a championship team


What an enjoyable game. Premier Sports stream was sound. Great character shown once again.
Great goals at perfect times. Donegal have played well in recent weeks. Another test of resolve.