NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones



Actually there was a Northsider about 6 seats down from me who was very hard to understand. God bless you Dully!


The bloody cheek!!!


Actually couple of absolute gents from Monaghan behind us. Couple of younger gobsh1tes in front who got very aggravated that the Dublin supporters were cheering the scores we got late on. I like Monaghan and have lot of admiration for what they’ve achieved. Good & bad with every county.


I was in the stand and around me was all Monaghon and they were fine. Cheering on their team, but nothing malicious.


Not the only one to be fair.


Totally agree lads, i’d rather he had that to learn rather then trying to teach him how to kick a score.


Good point. But the advantage we have these days compared to the past, lads with talent but not the same physical attributes as others get more of a chance because they’re coming into a strong, settled situation full of support and the right motivation. In the past those lads got targeted by oppo, didn’t get the same support at all, were not in a strong, settled, experienced squad full of belief, and there was a lot less patience for them amongst their own, the coach always under more pressure etc.

It’s one of the things I’ve really been enjoying the last few years, these lads are getting and giving payback for all those years from 86-2011 when the Barneys, Conroys, Dullys, Bolgers, Vinnies, Cosgroves, Vaughans, Collies, Dermo in the early days, and many others couldn’t realise their full potential. Dermo would have been the latest, and Kev, and Paddy A, Deano, maybe even Jack, Costello, Mannion, OGara, Bastick, maybe even Fento would all have been no more than Dublin legends or nearly men but for the environment and squad that came about from 2010 onwards


Agree yea, it’s exactly what’s not happening with the hurlers at the moment, too many new faces all trying to get used to it all at the same time. McHugh wouldnt be the first talented undersage player to take a bit of time to get used to the physicality of senior, and as someone said above, managhan are a big phyiscal bunch of players who werent far off championship pace the other dy, so he should have learned a lot. Quite a few much more established players also struggled, so he wasnt alone.


My concern with McHugh is that he’s more like Dean Rock than Diarmuid Connolly when it comes to winning his own ball, tackling etc. He has the football talent but is short on the other side. Rock continued to get game time despite this because of his free taking. McHugh will really struggle unless he can improve in those areas.


Fair point yea, hopefully he’ll learn to handle himself, i’m sure he’s learned a load through this league.


Agree 100% on the advantage we have when it comes to blooding players now, before we were hoping a new lad would suddenly become the leader and lead us to the holy grail, but now we have the leaders and these lads can be eased in without pressure, Kerry have enjoyed this for years.


That is a great point.


When all the experienced players are playing badly it’s hard for newbies.
Brian Fentons don’t grow on trees . Scully and Mc Hugh will be good impact players this year but I think they should be starting games in Leinster as the oppposition is muck


Yea ironically the early championship might be a better place for these lads to break through as the opposition will be weaker and the pitches in better nick, which will suit them. McHugh, Costello and O’Callaghan all need games.