NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones


Because it will be the same team as last year


Get you and yep would largely agree. Plus points: Flynner looks like he has finally shaken off long term groin problem, M Fitz getting better all the time, Berno not a nailed on sub IMO, Dermo well rested, Reddin and Eric defo something to offer in C’ship battle and a number of potential surprises off the bench. Most senior guys still the right side of the slide and rested … and looking as hungry as ever. Some form worries … Deano? But in a better position than any other contender.


I think Dublin are still 5-10 percent better then anyone else this year. So it’s in our hands. I think from 2018 the future is less clear unless we find a few more Fenton’s. For all the underage players we thought would break through - very few have.


But none breaking through elsewhere either really - no? Tyrone’s potential not fulfilled, Kildare slow too. Mayo seem very reluctant to blood all Ireland winning U21s - maybe the brothers’ not keen … Kerry is the one to watch here … but too early yet.


I guess time will tell. In 2014 Flynn and Connolly were our two main men, Our two biggest players for me now are Kilkenny and Fenton and they are still relatively young. As are Jack, Lowndes, Small.Costello. Id agree we need Con and mc Hugh to step in next few years .Scully I feel will need to bulk up to cause problems for opposition in big games.
Cluxton I guess is the main one and being able to spring the likes of Kev mc from the bench won’t last forever.
I guess enjoy now and be hopeful for the future.


Kerry aren’t far away . The u21 is huge for them this year . I think next season they’ll be a contender


I’m kinda hoping that UL, IT Tralee and other distractions will see these guys realise that football is not everything. I have liaised closely with Costello on this and we have sent down a battalion of debauched teenagers to infiltrate the colleges and spread anti sporting hedonism and mayhem … It’s a small price … and if the tactic worked for Vladimir …


Hmmmmmmmmm. That’s what was said in 1975…


Yep and it was right … until they beat us. If they win on Sunday and again in the Summer then we can revise the opinion but as of now they haven’t come through.

Ps Gooch expected to retire per Morning Ireland … agenda setting indeed …


heard the rumour on the weekend that the gooch was retiring , when the got to the league final i wondered if he would hold off and see how it went.

Keep hyping up the Kerry U21’s - hopefully they will wilt under the pressure


Apologies for not stopping longer… Monaghan scored their goal as soon as we started chatting, so I thought it better to keep fůcking moving! :joy:


What would make it not the same team, how many changes would be necessary, teams evolve and this one is evolving too, this on going saga of " We need players to breakthrough" Seems to ignore what the likes of Small, Mc Caffrey, Kilkenny, Fenton, Rock, Byrne or mannion have done.
Only 7 of the 2011 team started in 2016. A lot of the players that would have been considered the leaders back then were gone by 2016, Brennan, Cullen, Cahill, Alan Brogan add to that the likes of Rory who was deemed irreplaceable .
My point is we only need one or two at most to keep the thing ticking over and lads like Lowdnes, Costello, O Callaghan, Mc Hugh or Scully seem to be heading in the right direction, there is no hurry at the moment to make a lot of changes, we need to take advantage of the experience we have to give all these lads all the time they need to get experience, bulk up etc.


We will need 6/7 to keep it at the same level


I’m fairness we won’t be all that far off if some of the younger lads fulfil their potential.

Evan Comerford
Colm Basquel
Paddy Small
Con O’Callaghan
Niall Scully
Ciaran Reddin

That’s 6 off the top of my head that all have the potential to be very good to excellent senior footballers. Will they be good as what we have now? Maybe not but who knows? It will be fair few years before Dublin aren’t challenging for All Ireland’s anyway


You’re talking about 6/7 best Dublin players of all time . Not even our resources can do that . These aren’t mere mortals


I named 7 that we have introduced since 2011, we don’t need 6 or 7 right away, time is on our side, but also it would be foolish to think that our success will go on forever, but I believe that there is a base there to avoid a drought like the period between 95 and 2011


We aren’t going to hit a drought . Nobody has suggested that


But it would or should be impossible to keep going at the rate we are going, being honest I would be worried if we were to win 6 or 7 of the next 10 as I reckon then there would be a serious push towards breaking up the county.


Agreed. But by the same token nobody is suggesting we will see the level of dominance that we are currently experiencing. I don’t think any team will achieve what we are currently doing again. Tactics won’t allow for it, this team are simply a freak imo. I think everyone is pretty much on the same wavelength here.


Let me reassure you P - that will never, ever happen. Never.