NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones


Another mixed performance but another win nonetheless. Thought overall Kilkenny was our MOTM as he got through some amount of work, scored and set up Jack’s goal.
Not that it mattered but did anyone notice their ‘point’ in the second half that was a few feet wide…unbelievable.
We have played well spasmodically throughout the league but remain unbeaten. We are having to unleash the bench to rescue results but we are also displaying tremendous composure on a consistent basis to retrieve something from games when all looked lost.
So positives and negatives but in general Jim should be very happy to stay unbeaten and reach another league final. Expect another good test but it’s also another opportunity to keep Kerry in their place.


It’s also a chance of them …


Yup and as pointed out by other posters the cliches will be rolled out in force by the fake news agency also known as the Kerry Media Mafia. The Animals are due a win just hope to ■■■■ its not next week as I really don’t want them to have the kudos of ending the run.


We’ll beat them again. That will be nice


Monaghan were class such great footballers its the constant running at Dublin lost them in the game as the subs they brought on to recharge the team were less influential as the players Dublin brought on
I think the support play by Dublin footballers was poor at times even deano seems a bit pressurised right now
Paddy was I,menace physically as was jack and killer on the flip side brining pace
It’s looking more the championship will be the same 15 as last year albeit jack and cian

In a week a match against the filthy moaners to hopefully put another nail in their resurrection


Or a drawn game would have been Dublin and Monaghan in the final.


The day is coming when supporters will have to be segregated from each other like soccer because of this sort of carry on. Bad manners is just manners regardless of where it happens.


I think when people talk about tight pitches what they are actually alluding to is the sense of space created by the layout of the stands etc, which can give the impression of the fans being closer to the pitch.

There’s a huge difference between playing in Parnell Park or Tralee for example and Croke Park.


Also v strange goings on with Connolly and umpire as players / umpires coming out for second half. Looked as if umpire said something to Connolly as he was walking past him. Connolly reacted in very animated way to whatever was said. Very strange.

Re Connolly black card. Decision was another bad decision by McQuillan in long list of bad decision. Was given purely because it was Connolly.


Wow, that is very strange - Connolly hadn’t even played at that stage.


Dermo needs to get the head right again.


Amazing how it’s always his fault. Even amongst some of his own.


I certainly don’t think Connolly is at fault in any way. If umpire said something smart arsed or disparaging to Connolly I think that’s disgraceful.

It’s not right the way he’s targeted by opposition players, supporters & now match officials.


That aimed at me Alan? I never mentioned the word fault.

Ps Davy is some operator turning Cody over in his own backyard


Did someone say that Byrne was left the whole game on mcCarron ? Very surprising if true. Thought Philly or Mick might have been switched on to him. Geaney is a similar sort of player to mcCarron so we’ll have to watch that on Sunday

Either way, wIth Cooper out, we could do one more option in the full back line. He doesn’t use Daly back there much any more so I would have said Lowndes would be an option also given the relative difficulty for him to break into the half back line when all players are fit.


Mind you McCarron did very little after O Sullivan went on - so the issue might have been how easy the ball was getting into the full forward line rather then how the defenders defended it. But it did go on a long time before a change of any sort was made. It was reminiscent of league semi against Monaghan in Croke Pk where McManus was let do a lot of damage before Fitzsimons came on. There might be a reasoning behind it…


What’s wrong with his head then? In the context of the most recent posts on the topic it certainly seems like a criticism. Considering he’s been on an extended break how could anyone make a judgement on where his head is at?

His black card yesterday was purely because of who he is. Absolutely disgraceful.


The card was indeed a disgrace as is the constant goading. As I said before I bring my young lad to see the likes of quality players like Dermo - not to see him blackguarded at every turn.

Unfortunately he has to bite his lip more that most due to a combination of the treatment he gets and the lack of protection from officials - which is not right either. It is not a criticism to say he needs to get his head right. Was meaning that he needs to try to stay away from situations that give officials the opportunity they seem to be constantly looking for,


Am I the only one who thinks it’s incredibly unfair on the players the amount of people rushing onto the pitch looking for autographs and photos etc. They must have been delayed by well over an hour getting home yesterday. Considering the amount of time they spend at training and work just let them get home to their families asap after games. Bit of a pet hate of mine tbh