NFL Division 1 Round 7, Monaghan v Dublin. Sunday April 2nd 2pm, Clones


Words between himself & Murphy at the end as well .


Am I right in thinking that if we had of lost this it would’ve been us and Monaghan in The final next week ?


Completely right … or if we beat Monaghan by just one


That’s all well & good but I’d be happier if we’d got something more settled than Fenton plus one other.
MDMA seemed to be flying by mid-league (pre the Kerry game) but has gone from that to coming on at the death today. O’Conghaile has seen another league season pass him by for whatever reason. Frustrating.

We know Gavin sees management being ‘facilitators’ but has Kilkenny got complete freedom to roam to where he deems fit? He certainly seemed to be all over the place today. Problem is his potential to be a really constant scoring threat has disappeared almost entirely. Maybe I should stop hankering after the KK of underage. Looks as if last Summer when he found himself filling in outside of the front 6 and in a nominal wing-back was the start of this evolution. Can’t help feel we’ve lost potential of something exceptional as a result.


In fairness John some of the stuff Jim G comes up with is baffling to say the least, but who would argue with him. If you look at the substitutions today, on paper it seemed madness, but the man waves his magic wand and it all seems to work out. Was there any like for like change today? I reckon some day he will take off Cluxton and stick on O Gara:laughing:


Croke Park - Field size 144.5m x 88m
St. Tiernach’s Park - Field size 142 x 87 m

I know in work tomorrow I’ll have to listen to the usual Dublin outside Croke park tight pitch rubbish so have the facts.
Good honest football display from Monaghan, supporters on the other hand. Man behind me telling everyone he hoped Connolly was red carded before the game had even started. A big cheer and standing ovation when he was carded and the when a Monaghan man was jeered we (the Dubs around me) were accused of bad sportsmanship.
A credit to this Dublin team that you can hold you peace. listen to the tripe and smile at the end.


Cian wasn’t really planned but turned out to be pivotal. Black card decision for Connolly was a shocker - yellow all day.

Kev Mc might benefit from a rest too.


Jesus that billie Joe padden is one weird looking gadge. Fucker never stops smiling with that Better call Saul haircut.


I was actually going to comment something similar but I held back , he looks unwell or something .


He looks fucking mental!


Kilkenny was playing midfield John hence he was all over the pitch




In fairness he stuck the boot into the royal. Well since he was sitting on the fence all night he had to do something controversial.


Fair point.


Reminds me of this dude from Gotham


So Cooper, we imagine, won’t be an option next week. Anyone notice Jack Mc reaching for his hammer after scorching the net? How is Costello’s recovery going?

Edit: Ignore the Jack Mc query - just spotted the league final thread.


Hopefully its just a tweak, the sight of jack flash bombing through the Farney defence made me nod like the churchill dog muttering jack be nimble jack be quick.


I thought the AOS blow up doll had been recalled on account of being faulty?


A terrible let down apparently…


An inflated sense of its own worth?