NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


Very good read - those stats are very revealing . Great work


The likes of that article show how badly served we are by TSG etc. Very few care at this stage what some guy from 40 years ago thinks, we want to know what’s happening and why.

‘Not for the first time this season, Dublin didn’t win a single break off their own long kick-outs… It’s the seventh time out of seven this year they’ve lost more than they’ve won.’

That’s a remarkable statistic. As somebody wrote yesterday, all successful things contain the seeds of their own demise. His point about Cluxton is sobering.


That stuff is off the wall.


Sobering. Good read.


That’s an interesting stat about winning zero breaks off long kickouts. I wonder why?

Are we trying to isolate somebody so they can get an easier mark? That might be the way to go if more teams try to do a Kerry and systematically foul us on short kick outs.

Did Kerry just out fight us for the breaks? Were the HFs and HBs out of position or being held up as the ran in for the breaks?


Connolly Flynn Kilkenny and McCarthy are good enough on breaking ball - should be no excuse to be losing breaks - in 2015 all Ireland final we destroyed Kerry on the breaking ball - we need to sort that stat out


It’s an area we are normally strong in so I’m not too worried. It’s a bit like committing men to a ruck in rugby - and we didn’t seem to commit men to areas where the ball was going to break. We have excellent ball winners in this regard - so I presume this was all tactical, not to show hand etc.


I’m not sure to be honest. As was said it’s usually an area we are quite good in.


Thanks Snowcat - you put it better then I did…

Of course it would be better if it didn’t happen and if he didn’t do it, and I wish to god he wouldn’t. But it his choice entirely what to do, as it is Jim Gavin’s choice to pick him or not based on this. The guy is out there playing a game, we have no right to tell him how or what to do when he is doing it.


We’re doomed


Comerford is very very good on kickouts. I haven’t seen another keeper at any level be as close to Cluxton as Comeford is. I thought Morgan in Tyrone was getting there, but it’s not really working for him for some reason.

Comerford is still young and there are going to be games where it goes horribly wrong in the meantime, but he is a very exciting prospect. He has a very short run up and low trajectory but still distance and pace on the kick.

Cluxton is irreplaceable, but I wouldn’t be too despondent about it in the longer term.


Certainly looks that way.


I would be more worried about something unfortunate happening in the short term when everything is geared towards his kick-outs. Based on the article above, and previous ones, we don’t get much return from going 50/50 down the middle.


I don’t think anyone does. I am not sure there is anything such as a 50/50 kick out… The opposing team just has a massive advantage in that situation - they just have to steam into it and break it forward and their players just need to position them as such. That is why scores often come in clumps, once a team forces the other one into a row of kick outs they have a huge advantage.

I think a situation where you kick to a group of guys positioned under a dropping ball has to be avoided at all costs. You can still kick long I think, but it needs to be into space - if there is any.


An informative and, in parts, surprising, read.

Where he parks the Roscommon game, “It’s the seventh time out of seven this year they’ve lost more (breaks from long kick-outs) than they’ve won”

Little wonder then that we found ourselves firefighting late on to pull something out of a few league games.
We can hardly just put this down to the planning of the team holiday being a touch later than in previous years. Hopefully it’s just a case of another league title not being the be-all and end-all for this super bunch & not a general malaise. Truth is, of course, we’ll only know for sure come August/September time.


Was mayo game analysed.


Excellent article . For me the most revealing statistic is Kerry changing their team with pace to match us
Fair play to taking a stand on club league games . Not worth covering until they get competitive again


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