NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


Jesus wept :joy:


There’s paranoia and then there’s the Mayo blog. Suffering fook that’s embarrassing :joy:


Thats top notch tin foil hat stuff there . When you go to these lengths you know the jig is up . I hope @mayoman can respond to this :joy:


you meant flag it with Mayoman :joy:


Boom boom , very good :sunglasses:


I noticed that Cluxton had a small hi-tech gadget in his goalkeeping bag which I believe to be a ‘manfinder’. Developed shortly after WWII, the device is used to locate soldiers lost in the jungle. Through Dublin’s multi million euro partnership with DCU, scientists have refined the gadget so that it can locate running men in light blue shirts at a distance in excess of 80 metres. It’s not illegal but it explains Cluxton’s remarkable accuracy. Apparently if opposition players wear tin foil hats it negates the device.


Run it up his pole, if you will?


Do they not sell them in Coppers ?


I never needed ‘manfinder’ in coppers, I always brought one with me…


Fukin hell :joy::joy:


I have said it before god fucking love them. Seriously imagine been that far gone in the head?


I’m loving that Stato.

Sending them in to total meltdown!


Don’t think they did.

Maybe a few did as a group but I don’t think they went as a squad.


I love the puffed up sense of self importance in the “I’ll be keeping my eye on the position of the flags in future” line. As if anyone gives a single shiny shyte, what or where he’ll be keeping his eagle eyes trained on from now on. :grin:


He will no doubt be keeping his eyes on Aido’s manly beard as he choreographs his way through Connaught. Still god love him… serious piece of tin foil hat going on with that fella.


Jaysus they’ll lose their shit over this…bang on the money imo though!


Read the statistics/technical analysis of the league final


I also heard the umpires flags are bigger at the Dublin end. Ha ha - that’s crazy. But hey there are plenty of good posters on the Mayo blog too…including myself.


That was a great read Stephen, fair play.


Interesting read. I couldn’t help feel Gavin was trying out a few things in the final, to put cetain things to bed. Before championship. As much as he wanted to win the final , I think he had a bit of leeway in experimenting, Fitzmaurice didn’t. Certain positions of our key players I cant see happening again.