NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


So you agree that his actions which give the nobodies that aren’t fit to lace his boots exactly what they are looking for are all fine and dandy …


I wish I lived in a world where everything can be just black and white, grey is so so tiring


Whoa there Al - no need to hector grey …


No I don’t think his actions are fine and dandy. He obviously cannot help reacting in the way he does. This has been going on for years, he’s hardly going to alter his ways suddenly now. But he’s so good a player it’s worth indulging him. It’s a complex issue and the other point of view has merit. But really does anyone think he’s going to change much at this stage?


@bummer @niceday2 @MarysMan Actually want to ask the lads who are very good on these things … in your opinion were Dermo’s two cards the correct colour in terms of the offence committed?


The rule, “to deliberately pull down an opponent”, was introduced to “tackle” the cynical dragging down of an opponent who was in possession of the ball. The rule does not state that the player must be in possession of the ball so the rule can be applied in all circumstances.

However, and there is always a “but” or “however” in GAA rules, does this rule cover a player being “thrown” to the ground as opposed to being “pulled” to the ground? Technically, and literally it doesn’t but there is a thin line between the two.

Re your question; refs are being instructed to issue black cards for these instances, and as such, the ref was correct is issuing black cards to Connolly. Can they be appealed? Different story altogether…


Was the Connolly black card not a case of a third man tackle?


Connolly grabs the player by the jersey and pulls / throws the player to the ground.

Third man tackle is another vague area - rule says a deliberate body collide is a black, charging an opponent for the purpose of giving an advantage to a team-mate is a noting infraction, and pushing a player with the hands is a free only!!!


I thought the one against Monaghan was at worse a yellow but the one against Kerry was definitely a black card, silly too as we were attacking at the time.


Was it not identical to why The Seamster got one for throwing Johnny down in the final last year? Pretty sure we all thought it was fairly correct


Don’t think it was anything like Keegan card at all.

Thanks for replies lads. So despite the fact that black card offences are clearly defined there are inconsistencies and seemingly instances open to interpretation. Fento would appear to have been very lucky for instance.


I watched it a number of times and still don’t think he deliberately threw him to the ground - bad attempt at a tackle mind you!


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Did Donkey finish his interview by saying “What do you think of that, JJF?”


I think you mean in the semi-final replay of 2015, Al? It would be very similar to that, in my view.


So the referee was right not to punish Fenton with nothing more than a free?


Would have to see the incident again, but what you highlighted is the rule. But if you pull him back it is a note!


Fenton got a yellow in that one though didn’t he? IMO he should have got a black once the ref flagged it as a foul


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