NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


Super decision IMO … looking for 75k for being a litter bug … :roll_eyes:


Mannion has one good performance in two years. He has yet to convince on a consistent basis.


We badly need someone to replace Bernard as a top forward , I think he has the potential to be that .


In relation to Connolly, you said ‘He is prepared to take the abuse…there are no excuses…’. What???


The kerry captain Fionn fitzgerald has Dublin connections.
his mother is from blanchardstown and she was part of the first ever camogie team in st brigids .
usually it is the kerry people telling us we have taken there players (brogans,cian and fento) ,


Ah jaysus no Delgado … they can hang on to him …


He puts himself out there every game and doesn’t hide and gets dogs abuse from the opposition. He doesn’t look for protection from media or management. Sure enough, if someone decides to take him on, he will look after himself. Management know that, and they can decide to pick him or not based on that.


But if he is looking after himself in such an extreme way, that he is spending a considerable amount of time, watching the game from the sidelines, one has to question the manner in which he is looking after himself, no?


I see they had a type of homecoming function in Tralee tonight. 10,000 turned up to hear MC Billygoat introduce the team that ‘slew the Blue Dragon for the first time this year with the second to come later in the year!’ Gooch was introduced to tumultuous roars and told everyone that the future is safe and to expect 6 of the next 10 All Irelands. Donkey was interviewed for Kerry TV (see it on youtube) and said the Keepers are back to stay and the game will be restored to the great spectacle it was. You couldn’t make it up.


Depends on what he sees as right or wrong, if he thinks putting up with some idiot pulling at him the whole game is worth it, then he should put up with it. If he thinks putting a stop to it is the right thing, then he is right to stop it.

As far as I can see, he followed his path for his career. This includes four all Irelands, two club all Irelands etc. etc. It is up to him to approach it as he wants really. Where he would be wrong is if he told his team mates he will do x and then he does y, then obviously he is letting others down.

But in general, and I would apply this (or try to anyway) to opposition players also, I just have an issue with people being held to mad moral standards in what is just a game. Connolly really doesn’t have to take crap from anyone, just because we would like him to.


You simply couldn’t make it up? Eagle poisoners, Drink Driving Apologists, I can’t say Animals as some folk get upset, its all over for us folks, don’t dream its over. Doomed. 2009 doesn’t actually seem that bad compared to whats in store for us.


:unamused: You are aware it is a team game Wifi yeah? Hardly mad moral standards either? Nobody is asking him to serve at half ten mass in the Pro Cathedral or to take a small boat to Japan to stop them whaling … There is a collective responsibility in a team situation, especially from a vice captain.


So does Kilkenny, Fenton, Brogan put themselves out there, they don’t hide either. Reason Dermo gets more abuse is because even the most useless player on the oppositions team can get him to hook line and sinker fall into the trap of retaliating, time and time again. Difference with the other lads is they have more cop on Last Sunday was the dumbest .
I’m still annoyed over it , because I really wanted him to ram it down the Kerry lads throats and remind them what he an do.
I really hope he approaches the Leinster championship with at least giving it a shot of remembering he has team mates who need him on the pitch.


I have respected the vast majority of your posts but this is pie in the sky. Every player ‘puts himself out there’ whatever that means. ‘He doesn’t look for protection’…who does? In truth, his off-the-ball escapades are no help and are his own fault. ‘He will look after himself’…by needlessly getting sent off? ‘Management know that…’…as if it is a good thing? Jesus Christ! You need to read your post again. He is a liability who has proven that he has an inability to self-manage when stressed. That should be that. We can’t afford it. There should not be one rule for him and a different rule for others.


Am very sorry old sprout. My anger management councilor and I hope we don’t fall out over this…but that is a stinking load of macho, chest thumping horse shit. It all looks very laudable on paper, but come back to me again in September. If we are looking at Mayo or Kerrys home coming ceremony and they have Sam in tow, after yet another Diarmuid Connolly dismissal, I’ll be fcuking furious. I will not care one single jot about anyones need to stand up for themselves. Fcuk that for a game of soldiers…I just want us to win the bloody game !


‘He doesn’t have to take crap from anyone just because we would like him to’! Have you lost it? We all take crap and did for years. It’s a part of the game. You reckon king Dermot has no need to follow rules? Club players get challenged every week, to see if they will crack. He is no different. Sorry but I think your post is way off.


W[quote=“Unbelievable, post:994, topic:1889, full:true”]

We badly need someone to replace Bernard as a top forward , I think he has the potential to be that .

He’s not an attack leader in my opinion . Great impact sub I think but not an attack leader .


Dermo should come on here every day for an hour and he’d soon get used to dealing with assholes. And I include myself right up there at the top in that one! :joy::joy::joy:


I can see some of what Wifi is getting at, DC gets worse singling out than any other player I can think of, some of which you could say he brought on himself, but most of which is due to him being our most talented player.

Therefore only he can decide how to deal with it, as nobody else has to deal with what he does, to be fair. And it’s not just face-screaming, or balls being kicked away or physical tackles, it’s the holding, dragging, molesting basically to stop him moving, and prevent him getting the ball, and which is allowed go unchecked to a large extent. And on top of that he rarely gets any good press to back him up or encourage him.

In some ways I could fully understand if he decided to just give it up. What’s the point in trying to play when you can be constantly stopped and abused like this? It’s gone over the line even though yes it’s true the physicality of Gaelic football remains a huge factor for all players. I also can’t see any change coming because if anything at this stage of his career he is only going to get more rattled more often. Sad but true.


I don’t feel I have any right to be furious with him for getting a black or red card. I’d be disappointed as I was two weeks running. But he owes me nothing anyway. Gaelic football is still a pastime, and if DC or any other player feel they have to react in a certain way to provocations well that’s just the way it is. So basically I agree with Wifi on this.