NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


id prefer Fenton to go up against Moran where he’s won the battle a number of times including 2015

Kerry are putting Barry man marking Fenton to nullify Fenton and free up Moran - they have done that twice can’t let that happen again if we meet - we need to dictate to them not the other way around


Mdmc can break your heart at times. But he also causes havoc for other teams .Problem is at the moment fortunately it only seems to happen if he comes on as a sub. He burst through for the goal on Sunday , also had a shot for goal (which I don’t like him to do) but the point is he can give Dublin momentum when we need it.


That was the problem , We are using Reddin to nullify Moran and they used Barry to nullify Fenton. Moran was able to give a man of the match performance, while Reddin was watching him.


I’ve been worried about COS for a while now. He had set such high standards for so long, he seemed to slip from that last year, looked distracted too. I wonder does he need a different role?

People can say what they like about ‘everything being all right in the summer’ but the fact is quite a few of our big game-winning players of the past few years looked washed out, or over the hill on Sunday. A few lads who are still doing it, like Philly, and Cluxton, and a brilliant cameo effort from Mannion dragged us to the brink of a draw. Fento was always due a dip, we need to be able to survive without always depending on him dominating.

Moran has always been a class act, just crucified with injuries a long while. He represents a great challenge for Fento now, this could be the making of young Brian, of him getting even to another level. But bottom line is, if 3 or 4 of Brogan, Kev, Connolly, Flynner, MCauley, COS, Johnny, Jack Flash, either can’t do it anymore, at the very top level, or struggle to get back(Johnny, Jack) then we are banjaxd. Dermos woes are not necessarily just going to work out, he could be just worn out


Let’s hope Carlow beat Wexford so we have a chance of winning a game in Leinster …


Genuine Dublin fans, there’s a big difference.
The worst fans I personally encountered were four Leinster-top wearing alickadoos on their way home from Landsdowne Rd on the Dart after last November’s game against The All Blacks. Not young nor old, they were effing and blinding on a crowded train (women and children present) about Paddy effin’ Jackson. When I, on my own, politely asked them to stop swearing at the tops of their voices on a crowded train, their response was to invite me off the train at Clontarf Road to sort the issue. I don’t think their intention was to exchange addresses for Christmas Cards.
I’d rather be a bandwagoner than a pompous, sanctimonious bully. Are all Leinster fans thus? No, they’re not. But they have their fair share of pricks following them too.
For the record, I didn’t back down against the four of them and I’m here to tell the tale.


My fave journo, dahling.


And let’s hope Carlow are missing a few of their key men just in case…
You’d swear we’ve fallen off a cliff on Sunday!


The Skerries U10s won’t fcuk around with you again in a hurry Beeko …


Har de har. I was skipping the obvious, and talking about the major goal here. Not that anything can be taken for granted. How about some considered argument or opinion, we could all just come on here throwing smart comments looking clever(except for Beeko).


But does it get your Billygoat? Remember when The Munster Hurling Championship was, according to the national media mafia The Greatest Sporting Competition The World Over, in any code. That didn’t last all that long did it? Pale shadow now. Mind you we haven’t heard anything about how the evil empire of Kk wrecked it all…


Goys, can we take the rugby talk elsewhere please? There is a perfectly good thread to talk about that shite elsewhere.

@Roman what have you started? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha… Indeed…
I thought they were more Torfians than Skerries.
Four-to-one, I’d never have had a chance. But I was prepared to crack open early the two bottles of wine I had in my bag if it had come to it. I’m convinced they felt that once they asked what my problem was, that I’d go back in to my corner and keep schtum but I’d made my bed, etc… thankfully, other passengers intervened. Anyway, I doubt they would have done anything with all the CCTV around these days. But four worse pricks you’ll never meet - genuinely believe they didn’t like being pulled up on being obnoxious by someone with a “howya” accent.


You’ve named over half the team there. No team in any code could survive that. I don’t think they will all go together but we are in a changing of the guard period and Gavin’s long term plans may be a factor. Does he believe he can get one last burst out of Bernard as a starter or will he go through the process of blooding players that we need?

I’m not concerned about the defense. But I am concerned about midfield as Kerry and Mayo in particular now have a means to bring back the long kickout.

The case for two young energetic inside forwards is also now necessary and not just a we will wait and see type thing. Scores from inside will dry up and we don’t have any top inside forwards playing regulary anymore. Costello Mannion McHugh or O’Callaghan must make a mark on a consistent basis.


Yep, we were always going to have to transfer to those lads at some point, they need games.


Which is where the league seems to have been a lost opportunity at this stage.


Well Costello has been injured, Con has been with Cuala so not much Jim could do about that.McHugh and Mannion have got some games and show some promise but also have things to work on, Leinster might be a better place to give them a run then ultra competitive league div 1 was.


Are the assertions about us not training at full pelt accurate ? If they are it further helps contextualise the greatness of this team . Unbeaten throughout the league and beaten by a slim margin in the final .
I think if we win Sam we will look back on Sunday as a speed bump from which we took off .
I thought we looked tired in last years all Ireland final and I’m happy to hear training has lot yet hit top gear .



Looking at that game again, it was more noticeable to me how good we were in the first half. We were totally on top in my view and doing things with relative ease. Also Connolly was totally on fire, if he had stayed on, we would have won (I think it is a safe enough assumption that Connolly is worth more then two points to us).

But yes, the wheels came off in the third quarter, that is a given, and a whole other discussion. But for 30 minutes of the first half I thought we were as good as I have seen us in a long time - so it was definitely not a bad all round performance.

Lastly - on Connolly, and many will disagree with this. But I must say I have a huge amount of admiration for his willingness to just go and totally impose himself on the situation. He is prepared to stand up and say I am running this show, and take the abuse (physical and verbal) when it doesn’t come off. Sure, he could react better in different situations - but for pure moral courage, he is unreal. There are no hiding places or excuses with him.