NFL Division 1 Final, Dublin v Kerry, Sunday 9th April, Croke Park, 4pm


We’ve unmasked Johnny Fart Pants!


He did better in the league then most of the veterans
We know Fenton can pick up his form versus Kerry . Can Reddin ? Big decision for Jim
If anything Jim didn’t play Reddin enough in the league in my view at midfield


You are right, Ger Brennan got savaged but Neil Francis’s stupidity was not mentioned in the Irish Times.


As with the younger forwards who will hopefully get a game in leinster, leinster will be a better standard to try a few things out at this stage. Our problem will probably be that we aren’t really stretched until it is straight knockout.


Wouldn’t fully agree but must bow to the concluding summation your honour.


Coca Cola … and who ‘promotes’ it now … spit, spit …


Finally we have a cause … :wink: :joy:


Two drunks, sitting at a bar.
First one says "Jaysus… you stink. Do you ever wipe your arse after having a shite?"
Second one says “I haven’t finished yet!”


You’ve lowered the tone a fair bit now!




explains a lot tbh


To add to what unbelievable said earlier, hearing some very worrying things about Connolly that could potentially derail our whole summer. Not things to be posted on a public forum, nor information I’d give to just anyone sending me a PM


He actually started in midfield alongside Fenton, with Reddin lining out at the #12 spot, but after the throw-up CK reverted to the roving playmaker role.

While he is well able to win ball in midfield, he has a worrying habit of knocking it down at times rather than catching it. Twice in the second half, Kerry players stopped and didn’t contest the dropping ball but waited for the CK knock-down, which duly arrived.


So meet you somewhere in an open space in a public park with a false moustache and glasses or a balaclava?


not 100% correct, we wont be selling out CP till perhaps september (fingers crossed) and we are winning but in the old days when we werent winning we’d pack out CP in the leinster championship.


Sounds like a plan dub!


they dont have to be top to make it a very hard game, and as we have seen since 2010 the “top 4” can change. Are Cork in the top 4? Donegal? they certainly used to be and defeated us. Hurling has been KK & Tipp for 9 years with Galway or Waterford getting in a very odd time.


Then why feel the need to say anything at all? Shocking form


not having a go, but if its not stuff to be posted on a public form, why post at all?

unless that is a very elaborate wind up effort on our rivals.


well let’s just say it isn’t sensitive personal information that nobody but his family should know. Would imagine most of you will start hearing what I’ve heard over the next few weeks anyways.