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Anyone know where you can watch or stream the 30 for 30 shows aside from BT Sports. YouTube used to be my go to site until the quality went south.


this is huge.
the nfl as we know it will be dead in 5 years.


Explains abit about him alright .He was a nasty fucker though .Will they be putting down all his past misdemeanors to this :thinking:


emotionally he was ****ed up a long time ago. His old man passing away had a big effect on him. HIs brother was interviewed at length recently and its a brilliant article

here it is. its brilliant. if you have some time to read it.


Excellent piece that .


Thanks for the PM @Unbelievable will check that out. So many episodes to catch up on hopefully the broadband is up to it.


Rams & Saints look the real deal.

The patriots are rolling with Brady doing what Brady does.

The Falcons looked razor sharp last night (Bad Cowboys performance)

Eagles are motoring nicely.

Good to see offensive sides like the Rams & Saints go on a roll.

Vikings also looking good.

Could be the most competitive/compelling playoffs in years.


Totally agree with the above, so hard to pic a clear fav…which is great (seeing as the Packers are gonna be a non-factor).

What I found interesting about the Pats and Falcon’s win’s yesterday (and this highlights what is so good about the parity involved in the NFL) was how both teams attacked the weakness/avoided the strengths of the opposition, in what was great game planning (the importance of good coaching)…The GAA equivelent of Dublin’s game plan for the blanket (keep width and probe with deep runners)

The Pats basically avoided throwing at the Denver CB’s (possible the best group in the league - Harris, Talib, Roby). Instead found ways to get their RB’s and TE’s matched up on linebackers (speed mismatch). They do this so often. Assess the opposition D, and adapt to attack its weakness. This is why they have gotten huge games out of relative nobodies in big games (See Vareen and James White in recent SB’s)

The Falcon’s did it on the other side of the ball. They looked at the fact that Dallas were missing the best LT in the game and absolutely destroyed his back-up (to the tune of 5 sacks). It totally wrecked the Dallas’ game plan.

The chess match element of the NFL is what is the casual (only turns up for the SB party in Feb) misses. It really is a thinking man’s game (unless you play that is…then you are mostly brain damaged…)


My beloved (not anymore) Giants, motoring along nicely to a number 1 draft pick, not that it’ll matter a shite if they don’t get rid of the whole feckin coaching staff and find a replacement for Eli quick (that feels blasphemous to say)


I’m also a Giants fan.

There can be a case made that the Giants are now tanking on purpose.

The total lack of pressure on that Rookie QB Beathard was bordering on the ridiculous.


Oh 100% I’d much prefer we lost every game now and get a good draft pick. No use winning now. Pack up your stuff, stay healthy, get a good draft pick and regroup in 8 months.

Speaking of a replacement for Manning, madnesss that Webb is being left inactive everyweek. At this stage they should be giving him a few snaps to see what he’s got.


Yeah, although i think he held on for a year or two too many, i think the organisational culture left with Tom Coughlan. What you have now (to quote the Texans owner) is the inmates running the asylum…Odell, DRC, Jenkins and co are out of control and there is a distinct lack of leadership there in how they’ve handled it…

Also, their roster building on the offensive side of the ball has been horrendous. How long has that O-line needed addressing? 3-4 years. So what do they do…sign a WR in (Marshall) in free agency, draft a TE in the 1st round…spend a ton on Def…


Don’t even get me started on the lack of addressing the offensive line. Infuriating.


Watched two documentaries over the weekend which seemed to lead nicely into the weekend that was in it.

First one was Searching for Derick Thomas. An excellent documentary on former Bama and Chiefs linebacker that died tragically after a car accident. He holds the record for most sacks in a single game with 7. Last night Falcons DE Adrian clayborn went close with 6 sacks in a single game. Unvelievable stuff, highly recommend the documentary too btw.

The other one was Jim whyte sitting down with Robert Kraft, very interesting interview. He mentioned that Bill Belichick puts so much emphasis into his special teams and also uses it to evaluate who he wants in his defence and offence, kind of like a reserve team of sorts. Most players are asked to prove themselves there before getting a slot on the team. The result is that Pats tend to perform well on special teams amd creates a very competitive atmosphere amongst the guys there and it gives the Pats an edge in games where other teams tend to neglect. A few mins into the first quarter yesterday Pats were destroying Denver on special teams. Returning for 100 yards, blocking punts etc… they had 14 points on the board before Denver knew what was happening. Way to silence a home crowd.

Pats are still in it this year, not out of it by a long shot.


On the Giants tanking on purpose for the number one pick, I can’t see that happening at all. It’s a bad ethos first of all and secondly, they’ll be getting a high first rounder anyway so unless there was a guy there that will definitely go first there would be no logic to it. There’s also evidence to suggest that the number one pick isn’t necessarily going to be the most successful player from the draft. Along with that, depending on where the Giants want to strengthen, the 1st pick might not be necessary. There’s actually a good chance they will trade down there first round pick for multiple picks in the 2nd/3rd etc…
The other side of the coin is players aren’t gonna underperform on purpose for the future of the franchise, they are playing for their careers on a weekly basis and most would have little of no loyalty to a particular franchise. They won’t want a season with 0 or 1 win on their CV and who can blame them. They also need to look after their own individual stats in games i.e. Yards, sacks etc…

The only time I ever seen it where it was truly believed that it was happening was that whole “suck for Luck” debacle back in 2011 between the Colts and the Rams who were after Andrew Luck. The losing on purpose thing is more of a media fabrication than anything. Players simply won’t do it, no matter how much the fans of the team might like it.


The Giants 100% aren’t as bad defensively as they’ve played the last 2 weeks.

To me it seems as though they’ve given up

This is the same secondary that led the team to 12-4 in the regular season and a playoff berth last year.


The Def isn’t far away, but this is the balancing act at play again.

Having a good (at least functioning) Off provides 2 things…

  1. a lead, thus forcing the oppo to throw or take chances. most Def is predicated on capitalizing on this.
  2. a rest - often average D’s can over perform by virtue of the fact that their Off spends more time on the field
    , thus keeping the Def fresh (best example of this is when Dallas’s run game is working. Their distinctly average Def, starts making plays…this week, they were destroyed).

NYG are getting nothing on Off and their Def is getting torched as a result.


Read somewhere during the week (could have been an article linked to that interview with Kraft) that Belichick tends to go for left footed punters as they have a different spin on the ball and can cause the opposing team catching the ball problems. Fine margins and attention to detail make a difference in the NFL


Something looked seriously off with the Giants secondary last night especially Jenkins the corner. Who would have thought the Jets would be the best NY team so far.
The Eagles Cowboys game this weekend looks like it could be a big one.
As for whos going to win it outright the Saints look like they are hitting serious form after a poor start.


Martellus Bennet seems to be getting some static online , Packers fans not happy .