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I still expect the Astros to win either tonight or tomorrow but if the Dodgers were to win outright, I wouldn’t imagine it being an upset as I reckon they’re closely matched, especially with the Dodgers having four home games.


I don’t think it’d be an upset, but does not having the designated hitter for the next 2 nights upset the astros.

Verlander V Hill. Two late 30’s pitchers having excellent seasons. I’m going with Verlander, although they’ll be making a movie about Hill if he wins tonight.


Ah… I’m outta me depth here… only a passing interest.
If they need a designated hitter, can they not sign Jamsie up for a night?


NL rules tonight as NL team at home. Means pitcher hits.


What do they do in the All-Star game?


All star game decides which league hosts the 4th home game in the series.


Aha… I got you here… this season was different in that the team with the best regular season record, regardless of who won the All-Star game, got 4 home games in the World Series…

My question was in the All-Star game do they use NL or AL rules? Or do they alternate, year-to-year?


depending on the stadium that hosts it. AL team. Al rules. NL team etc.


Dolphins trade Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th round draft pick. The Eagles lack of quality at RB made me sceptical about their chances this year but this could be a game changer for them.


Still don’t with Ajayi.


No worse than NE’s has been over the years. Look at what a heap the likes of Ridley and Vareen have been once they flew the coop. RB’s (with a few exceptions) are only as good as the line creating the holes for them.
I honestly think you could take the most average back in the league and they would get 1200 yards for Dallas.
Look at McFadden in 2015…

I think that Blount, Ajayi the Eagles have two decent hammers to burn clock and wear teams down in the 2nd half.
They do lack a decent 3rd down/change of pace back IMO. The likes of Sproles.


The eagles will go as far as Wentz takes them which will be very far. I just don’t see what ajayi brings to the table.


Oh I agree, not a game changer.
Decent insurance if Blount goes down. Big bodied guy who runs hard.


Dodgers force game 7. Is it their’s to lose now?


should be. but you never can tell.


Didn’t expect the dodgers to win but as a mate of mine pointed out, they only really messed up 2 innings in the series and it cost them, other than that they’ve been in control for the most part. I thought Verlander v hill was the key for an astros win.
But sure who doesn’t love a game 7 anyway


Texans reporting Watson torn an ACL in practice today. Damn shame that as Watson looked the real deal and the battle between the Jaguars, Titans and Texans looked interesting.


Terrible injury. picked him up in the res dubs league this year.

as its a 2 qb league his loss is turning out to be a bit of a ■■■■■■■ for me.

ITs his 2nd major knee injury. Hopefully he comes out of it the other side.


This should be a good watch .I don’t know much about the back story but I believe there’s abit of beef between these two ! An espn 30 for 30 featuring Bill Belichick & Bill Parcells


7 for Belichick
2 for tuna.