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thats true but no conclusive evidence to overturn the ruling on the field which was effectively that he had retained control. Again, I’m not 100% on it either way but the fact that the TD was given in the first place meant it should have stood


That hit on flacco Thursday night was outrageous.


he said afterwards, it was a late slide so it was a late hit…

Should have been booted from the game but would be surprised if he doesn’t get a suspension


awful stuff and it would make you wonder if the sport has a long term future.

Having said that Flacco needs to do a better job protecting himself. Should have been sliding 2 yards earlier.


That’s disgraceful whether it was a late hit or not .He knew exactly what he was aiming for there .Looks like he had no protection either from his own guys . This now & the Rodgers late hit , getting out of hand .
I know it’s a split decision to decide what to do now but QBs aren’t built to take hits like that .


Whatever about flacco being late hit (considering some of the cheap shot artists that have played for ravens) I really don’t see much wrong with the Rodgers hit. Sad to see him end up on IR


I’d agree that the Rodgers one wasn’t as bad . Some of these tackles are questionable.


Terell Suggs springs to mind.

If Alonso hadn’t of leaned in towards Flaccos head with his shoulder his momentum would have carried him over Flacco and no hit would have taken place. It was an out and out cheap shot. There was reports Flacco was bleeding from the ear. That’s a very dangerous hit to put in on a player.

I sometimes sympathize with linebackers,DL and corners alike with how the game is set up to protect the QB and the passing nature of the league. Hits like this will only restrict defensive players further in terms of how much protection the QB and his targets will get in future.


Rodgers hit was perfectly legal.

Last nights was a disgrace


Best game of the season that Houston Seattle game.
Thanks to the bank holiday have overdosed on games today and have Pittsburgh Detroit to look forward to too. Zach Millers leg injury aside its been a good days viewing.


My God. DeShaun Watson is a star.|contentId%3A0ap3000000869322&tab=videos


It was great that it was all on a hour earlier too!!


So true, didnt wake up on the couch at 5 wondering where I was or what my name was as usually is the case.
Very strange season this, more open than in many years. No outstanding favourite so far although since Roetlisbergers meltdown Pittsburgh have improved.
Its great to see a good crop of QB’s coming through too like Goff and Wentz. Good call Mr. White on Watson. If Houston could sort their defence out they would be genuine contenders as their offence is solid.


Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo traded to the '49s .


Hopefully Lynch and Shanahan can turn 49ers around. I hope Jimmy G finds some success there. He’s been a great backup in NE but it was obvious Brady had something left in the tank.


We’ll get to see if Jimmy is any good now. Pats had him down as Brady’s heir but then they let him go. They generally do wel in getting deals for back up QBs.

As an aside, anyone watching the baseball? One of the best post season games ever the other night, Astros won it 13-12 after extra innings


It would be a great fillip for Houston after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.


Looking very likely that it will go to Houston barring an upset tonight. It would be similar to the saints winning SB not too long after Katrina. Great lift for the people


Dodgers have two home games remaining, though? Best regular season in the entire league? Best home record in the league (albeit up against joint-best away record in the Astros)?


But are well able to have a terrible night. Best record yeah, but are woefully inconsistent.