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These stats can be very misleading when it comes to the NFL.

This one for example can mean a number of things…because the Pats have such a prolific offence, it forces opposition teams to throw more and tends to leave you in the lower end of the league in terms of yards allowed.

These defenses hope to have a “bend don’t break” approach, whereby they play soft (keep you in front of them, so as not to give up the big play) and then tighten up at the redzone and limit you to FG or generate the turnover, knowing that Brady will score more often than not.

If the Pats are 32nd in yards against but say 20th in points against, they’ll take that


Point proven.


except they’re 30th in points against. They did do better against Tampa though allowing over 300 yards in the air but only conceding 14 points (albeit with 3 missed FGs)


I agree.
What I was saying is that they just need to tighten up slightly and that Off (Brady) will get them over the line 9 times out of 10.

The competitive nature of the NFL is so compelling in terms of the fine margins between 12-4 and 4-12.

See the Giants…12-4 last year with a revamped Def and plenty of talent on Off. “All” they had to do this off-season was to sort the O-Line and get some semblance of a running game…fail…0-5. likely to be picking in the top 5 come next April. I hate how that team is built and coached. McAdoo living off the fact that he had Aaron Rodgers for a few years. Totally clueless. They spend a first rounder on a luxury pick (pass catching TE) when they really needed some big bodies up front.
Games are won in the trenches (@beeko) :grin:


Only stats that count are wins and losses

  • Bill Belichick


And PSI on footballs…

        *unproven * :wink:


Broken collar bone for Aaron Rodgers . Green Bay season could go up in smokes here.


Dreadful decision in Jets v Pat’s, clear touchdown by the Jets given as a fumble out of bounds. Hands the ball back to the Pats who were under pressure at the time. Enjoyable game all the same.




Genuinely saddened by that. He was very passionate about the NFL in Europe, also a basketball coach in England too. NFL UK Coverage won’t be the same without him.


Agreed, he and Mike Carlson added to my enjoyment of the game over the years.


Ah man , used to remember him doing the NBA , think on sky back in the day .


RIP Kevin Cadle

The Giants run O dominating that tough Denver D it’s really impossible to confidently predict anything in the NFL.

49ers 0-6 now but have been very unlucky coming out with 2-4 point losses each week


Very strange results over the weekend. Miami beating Atlanta and the Giants beating Denver no one saw that coming. Injuries causing havoc to a lot of the contenders.
GB done too if Rodgers is gone for the year. Right now the Eagles look good from a competitive NFC East.


It was the absolute correct decision. 100% by the book decision. Did not have control.


A lot of commentators in America, including two former heads of refereeing, didn’t agree and at the time couldn’t see a definitive angle showing he hadn’t regained Control with which to overturn the decision on the field


Both Blandino and Pereira accept the fumble happened. The question then becomes does he gain control in play. Which is not clear.


So not clear to overrule the original call. If the call on the field was no touchdown and was challenged I would agree with not giving one. Just can’t see the conclusive video that he didn’t regain control.


Once it’s established control is lost onus is on retaining possession


Angles showed he had control as he hit the pylon, if there was no conclusive evidence he hadn’t control ruling on the field (TD) should stand especially as he had full control when he landed.
Lewis TD earlier for Pat’s you could not determine if his knee was down before the ball broke the plane and ruling on the field TD so given.
Very harsh and crucial decision at that point in the game IMO.