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What about the absence of Edelmen ?


Chris Hogan has stepped up to the plate in that regard. Dion Lewis showing a bit of form as well


My team the New York Giants are now 0-5 after going 12-4 last year.

4 wide receivers injured yesterday to compound the heartache.

Beckhams year looks to be over, sad the season will be missing it’s biggest and most unpredictable star


He’s a very calm individual. He never gets pumped up. Nor does he let the footballs get pumped up, either.


Last night was really the 1st Sunday so far I could tune in and catch up with whats been happening.
Am shocked the Steelers have been as abject as this. Roethlisberger was brutally honest in the post match interview saying maybe he’s past it.
KC look good so far and having knocked on the door the last few years could be ready for a good go in the playoffs.
And yeah Rodgers is a magnificent b**tard.


He can’t be past it, he was superb for the Jaguars!! He says he considered retiring in the offseason, so it looks a lot like he really doesn’t want to be out there anymore.


GAA link update. Patrick Murray nephew of Ciaran Murray (All Star No.6 in that great Monaghan team of the mid 80s) signed by Tampa Bay today. Tampa have had their kicking woes this year hopefully Murray can do the job. Same Ciaran Murray who is the current physio to the Ireland football team I believe.


You’ll have to back that up with some evidence. He’s playing at mvp level right now.


Ah nothing really to back it up , I’ve been listening to too many american podcasts .


US media hate Brady. He’s thrown 11 to 1 td to int this year with terrible play from his o line. He is 40. So soon enough the cliff is coming. But not this day.


It’s deflating, isn’t it?


Another non story. Only thing proven in that case was the league’s right to do whatever it wanted. Ball deflation wasn’t even close to being proved.

Back to football. D Watson. The man is legit.
As is Fournette in Jacksonville.


Doth protest too much…



I nearly got shot in a bar in North Carolina last week for said opinion.


He looks as good as ever and will be hard to stop in the AFC.

As Counsel said KC look good and their offense might actually be able to hang with Brady in the playoffs should they meet. Nobody else in the AFC really stands out, maybe the Jags D can carry them far.

Any of you lads aware of this? It could certainly make Sunday nights more interesting if you want to put a couple of shackles on the games


Well I never learn. Must choose a better class of hitman.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys!


Brady playing with seperated left shoulder. Time to give him a couple of weeks rest and give Jimmy a look


Patriots currently have the number one ranked offense in the NFL including number one ranked passing offense. They have the bottom ranked defense. Stats don’t always tell the full story but this would be a good indication that any problems the Pats may have lie elsewhere than with Tom Brady.


Offense gets to the playoffs, but defence wins championships.


More cliches in here than in the rugger threads.