NFL (American Football)


Are there hot dog stands in the new WHL?!


And nacho carts




I know what it means, but every time I hear that word I think of Del Boy!







Great to see Ryan Shazier walking


That was a shocker seeing him walk on stage to be honest.


Great moment from last night. Eagles fans got payback for last year.


Very good :grin:, is there a rivalry between them ?


Yeah there is previous there particularly on the Philadelphia side I think, given Dallas have the 5 Superbowls.
Dallas had the very next pick and were expected to take the aptly named Dallas Goedert too. A triple whammy.


Drafted in the 5th round joins his brother at Seattle. A good news story if ever there was one.


Ah , that’s great news :blush:


Nah, Sproules agreeing a new deal is great news!!!


Amazing story.