NFL (American Football)


Are there hot dog stands in the new WHL?!


And nacho carts




I know what it means, but every time I hear that word I think of Del Boy!







Great to see Ryan Shazier walking


That was a shocker seeing him walk on stage to be honest.


Great moment from last night. Eagles fans got payback for last year.


Very good :grin:, is there a rivalry between them ?


Yeah there is previous there particularly on the Philadelphia side I think, given Dallas have the 5 Superbowls.
Dallas had the very next pick and were expected to take the aptly named Dallas Goedert too. A triple whammy.


Drafted in the 5th round joins his brother at Seattle. A good news story if ever there was one.


Ah , that’s great news :blush:


Nah, Sproules agreeing a new deal is great news!!!


Amazing story.



That’s why there was so many black Americans killed in the Vietnam war, when the colonel roared “GET DOWN”, they all got up and started dancing!



Looks like theyve adopted the rules of the nba .
Will be fun to see how this plays out next season.


NBA allows the players to make statements through t-shirts that they wear in the warm up or the shoes they wear during the game