NFL (American Football)


Is Brady not a one team guy , it would be weird seeing him going somewhere else to play . He’s like a professor with tenure. He’ll go out on his own terms I’d say.



Jimmy G , all the way to the bank :dollar::moneybag::dollar:



Richard Sherman signs with 49ers.
Jimmy & Sherman next season !


Seem to be building nicely. May get a decent price for playoffs or maybe I’m getting carried away


For anyone keeping track of the free agency moves etc and the draft I find this site quite good.


Hope it works out for this guy .Griffin only has one hand, as he was born with amniotic band syndrome and had his left hand amputated at the age of four.


So will anyone be staying up tonight to watch the draft?
Browns with 2 of the top 4 picks. Is this the Browns year to get the pieces to be a contender.
Giants picking 2nd will they pick Saquon Barkley or look at a QB.
Its doubtful but will the Patriots with 2 first round picks trade up for Brady’s successor?
Will Jets fans boo?
Are the 5 or 6 Quarterbacks being touted this year the real deal?
I think Griffin mentioned by Unbelievable is expected to go in Round 3 or after which is a nice story given what he has had to overcome.


Til about 11.30pm yeah …



This Josh Rosen lad seems to have alot of people pissed off . He’s too smart for his own good & this is putting off teams selecting him.
I’d be interested to see where Baker Mayfield ends up .


Shahid Khan owner of the Jaguars has made an offer for Wembley Stadium :open_mouth:

Can only mean one thing. The London Jaguars


A bargain compared to the cost of building a NFL stadium.


Would there be a fan base for it . Would be crazy logistically but money talks .


Imagine being drafted to play there as a young sports star from California or something


Any worse than buffalo with the snow or Seattle with the rain !


True, tho a bit of a trek for the family to come watch you play!


Big time !


Logistically it could work. Several back to back weeks of games in London, a bye week and then over to the US.
More chances for fans in Europe to catch a game too.


not sure if hes trying to get the first London franchise by moving the jags over - think the novelty of NFL in wembley would wear off if they had a full time franchise over there.

Considering Mr Levy has designed Spurs new stadium with an NFL franchise in mind it would be a right kick in the balls.