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Seems to be a story running about Malcolm Butler & how he got shafted right before the game . Was expected to play but at the last minute was dropped.
The commentators mentioned that he was weeping during the national anthem & the occasion got to him . Seems it was because he was dropped .


Was odd as Foles was clearly trying to find him in the pandemonium to say hard luck .


Question for those in the know, although Foles played from December onwards, did Carson Wentz play enough games to get a Super Bowl ring? Or does he have to play in play offs etc to earn the right? I don’t mean does he feel he earned it, I mean did he earn it!!!


I’d be fairly surprised if he didn’t get a ring regardless of how many games he played . I don’t think they have rules like that in America . There’d be uproar if he didn’t I suspect.


Its up to the team i think, they can give to them to club officials etc if they want, dont think theres a limit on them.


Yeah the team design the rings & issue them as far as I know .


He will get a ring, in terms of his legacy can he say he has one? That’s the question


Talking of rings , funny story here


Oh so sweet


Brady has possibly two years left in him I think, he did more than enough to win that game last night against a very solid defence, New England’s defence was piss poor and that was the difference. Will Patricia be that much of a loss really? Fan favourite an all that he is.
It’s actually cruel that the highlight reel will show that sack/fumble as the turning point with Brady walking off the pitch head down as if it was his fault. If not for him that could have been ugly last night.
Some big calls went against the pats too that had it been the other way around would have had the rest of the NFL up in arms.


That was the defining image of the game for me. Tom Brady’s empty hand coming forward… The first dispossession on a 1/4B all night, and at such a crucial time. I know I speak for all Eagle fans, that up until that turnover, we “just knew” that he and the Pats would do it again. What an amazing game. I’m watching the highlight reel on Sky now. Goose bumps all over again!


Close the fcuking window then …


McDaniels not going with the Colts HC job and will remain with the Pats after all.


Love this kind of shit


That was simply amazing. Brady dropped his one, although he wasn’t in the end zone but it was one the Pats badly needed at the time, which probably made it all the more sweeter for Philly.


Like I don’t know all the ins & outs on how the plays are decided . My knowledge is not great . But don’t the qbs have a strap on their arms with all the calls ?
And does the offensive co ordinator call the plays .
Foles just took on the responsibility himself there , took alot of balls & paid off big time .


Any of the head coach, offensive coordinator, qb can call a play. A lot of it is laid out in advance of the game. It differs between teams and staff who calls plays and when. It’s not an exact science across the board. QBs are also in radio contact with the sideline too for play calling.
In that scenario Foles calls it and coach agrees and it worked out sweet


Yeah I meant from an offensive play , the offensive coordinator calls the play but I get what your saying .


Not sure entirely what to make of this one…seems as though he has gotten some sort of written assurances about succeeding Darth Hoody, which would lead me to believe that BB has a definitive timeline he is working towards…

My guess is that JMcD will be allowed to pick and groom TB’s successor (and given a fairly high pick to do so) and that BB and TB will ride off into the sunset together in a year (or two max), leaving JMcD to attempt to carry the baton (which he wont…IMO), with a QB he has picked this year or next.


I see what your saying. Although I don’t think BB and TBs time is up just yet I would say a minimum 2 years if not longer. Brady threw for 505 yards the other night, he doesn’t look like a QB on the way down just yet. Where else is BB gonna go? The only way I can see BB leaving is if it’s true that Jimmy G was traded from underneath him against his wishes. As Mr White alluded to previously in here, BB is likely to promote his son to a co ordinaries role very soon. I could see BB staying around and build a new team with new coaching staff and QB.
With Brady not looking like he’s slowing down just yet, the timing was wrong to introduce Jimmy G anytime soon, and in fairness to him you couldn’t expect him to sit around and wait for TB to retire.
As you said JmcD doesn’t have a lot on his HC CV to justify his selection as BB successor. If there is trouble in paradise between Kraft, Brady and bill then if anyone is to walk away soon it should probably be kraft.
Having said all this is Bill likely to offload Brady while his value is still relatively high and start from scratch as early as next season? I’d have my doubts.