NFL (American Football)


It’s a term used when a touchdown is scored straight from an interception


Cheers :v:


Green Bay ought to see this home.


Looking ominous for Seattle alright.


OBJ being inactive was a bit g let down last night. Dallas look good though. I backed them for the NFC and I’m wondering what odds are Kansas too :laughing:

I didn’t see redzone option on sky last night. Did the rest of you have it ok??


It’s on sky mix so 120 or a channel like that


Stayed up till 2.30/2.45.

Eli Mannining, lack of a run game & no Odell makes for very painful viewing when you’re a Giants fan.

Defense looked good and held a red hot Dallas O to 17 points.


Don’t have a particular fav team but I’d have a soft spot for the Patriots .But this was a thing of beauty from Carson Wentz yesterday , first throw in clip for touchdown .


Would love to watch the game tonight but age has caught up with me. Cant pull late ones on school nights anymore.
Some interesting results over the weekend. Jaguars could be a playoff contender this year. Drafted well the last few years.


i watched it on sky last night, they have a one hour showing with all the breaks taken out.

did sky have anyone in the studio during the play breaks like c4 used to?

it was a poor enough start to the season.


Yeah interesting first week.

I had edelman and johnson on my fantasy league so that had taken a nose dive!

Cowboys looked impressive but the Zeke issue isnt going to go away so be interesting to see where that lands which will have a huge say in their run this year.

Chiefs are always there or thereabouts and if it weren’t for poor clock and play calling in the AFC Championship game couple years ago they couldve pushed patriots a bit closer.

How bad do the Texans look? Watt broken finger i know but then Cushing is now suspended for 10 games for PED so things only going to get worse.


Now yis fucking tell me. Old resdubs league still going on yahoo. Must post details for next season. Needs a bit of new blood.


Enjoyed the Red zone last night .Have to say its the only way ill watch it til the Superbowl or the two “semis” for it . Great game with the Packers & Dallas last night . Nail biting finish , Rodgers is a fantastic QB .

Odell Beckham Jr picked up a nasty injury .Think his season is over .


broken ankle.

JJ Watt broke his leg as well.

The player who caught the TD to win for the Packers shouldn’t have been let near the field. This hit happened Thursday week ago they still have a long way to go in concussion awareness


Yeah heard a small bit about that. He must have passed the concussion test to be allowed to play .But I think the issue is these guys want to play & I’d say he probably lied that he was OK . I saw recently a young player has quit because he was having issues with his vision following a concussion .Didn’t have the love for the game anymore .Wise decision .


Rodgers is amazing


Rodgers / Brady superbowl


Kansas look good though. They’ll most likely win their division and have home field advantage going through the playoffs.

Saying that, Washington should’ve beat them last week.


Don’t know how the divisions work out but is that even possible ? Would be unreal , I think this run by the Patriots might be coming to an end . I’d say Brady will shortly go into decline .


ye one is AFC, the other NFC.

Brady is meticulous in his preparation from a diet and health point of view and has never relied on his mobility so may still have another year or 2 left in him. If the defence can sort itself out (and the performance against Tampa Bay is a good sign) they will be very tough to beat. Still need a healthy Gronk in the playoffs I think though