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Question is now , does Wentz automatically regain the qb position next season ?
Could Foles go somewhere else to be a starting qb


Foles MVP has to be, even though Brady threw for 505 yards which is remarkable. Probably the greatest SB ever as it was 60 mins of scores and drama.
Had Eagles win, Foles 300+ Yards passing, Jeffery & Gronk TD at 40/1 too. €164 thank you very much.


Foles is reborn. You would think the Broncos, Redskins or Jaguars would be interested. Wentz is the Eagles future but Foles has a blank cheque and a ring to leave with.


Great win for the Eagles. They were aggressive throughout the game and are worthy champions. That’s by far the best Super Bowl I can remember watching, although perhaps some defensive purists may disagree.

Now as I’m am up for work in about 3 hours it’s off to bed.


Wonder will Belichick walk now . He’s losing both his offensive & defensive coordinators I think . It might be a bit like Fergie walking away . This one will hurt for Brady . He won’t retire but I think if Bill goes , it could be hard for them next season .
But you have to take into account Cooks went off injured & they missed Edelman too .
Anti Pat’s fans will be loving this , especially for those two contentious calls .

Great game though .


Feck it anyway. What a game. One sack and it won the game


Watching NFL network & they have Fletcher Cox for interview . Kevin Hart joins them , hammered & throws out some curse words , is slowly ushered away :laughing::laughing:


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia :laughing:


Im watching the last 5 minutes again and finishing off my last beer. Its all over now until the draft. No work tomorrow thank God.


Didn’t make it past half time. Gets me every year.


Justin Timberlake’s screeching woke me up…
so I went to bed.


Wow. Just wow! Was in work watching it, but would have murdered a beer watching that… Especially that last 1/4!


HOw long is half time? I gave up before they even finished the stage tbh.


Too long. Much longer than it would be in a regular season game, I’d imagine.


Pity because i was enjoying the game.


I think it is typically half an hour for the Super Bowl.


Redskins just signed Alex Smith from the chiefs for next season so rules them out.


What a game. Well worth the hassle of staying up and struggling to get up this morning. So happy for Brady who didn’t appear to have the manners to congratulate Foles as is standard. Some unreal ballsy plays on 4th downs by the eagles and the TD by Foles was a cracker also. Fly eagles fly



If you watch the trophy ceremony you can see Hart trying and failing to get onto the podium.
Thankfully Hart didnt push his luck with the security guards as he would have ended up on this years Oscars memoriam slot.