NFL (American Football)


Half time couldn’t come any quicker for the Patriots.
Doing it the hard way like the Dubs .


Enjoyable game so far . Foles not letting the pressure of the occasion get to him .


Skipping this ht show lark .


Gronk the option now & TD !


Game on again :blush:


What a touchdown , some throw from Foles
Or maybe not :fearful:




Wow thought that was gonna get called back. The catch rule comes back to bite the Patriots.


Mr White won’t like that :laughing:


Nice one Hogan
This is some game !


Foles really hasn’t put a foot wrong tonight so far .


No sacks either tonight .


Something inevitable about this . A mistake might win this game yet
Gronk with the td


Huge pressure on Foles now you would think. Who’s gonna blink first.


Yup , pressure on . Brady has been here so many times . I hope it doesn’t come down to something stupid .


Another ballsy 4th down. How much time can they wind down here.


Fine margins here , nice to see them not lose their bottle .


For a guy that couldnt catch a cold the last 2 years Agholor has made big plays this year and especially tonight.


So Foles or Brady mvp here , whoever wins ?


If Eagles get a touch down , could be game over .