NFL (American Football)


Jayus yer man looks well for WW II vet, not bad for a 90+ old .


I would have thrown a flag for a false start on the coin toss.


Do the Eagles have to punt to the Patriots at the beginning of the third Q because the pats won the toss & elected to punt first ?


That was unfortunate , will have to settle for fg




Both defences doing well so far .


Unreal catch !


What a fucking touchdown for the Eagles!!! :eagle::eagle::eagle:




Super catch


On BBC coverage , what’s the name of the guy in the navy suit . He’s the first Brit to win a superbowl , doesn’t sound like one .


Safe to say Foles has settled in well.


Osi Umenyiora

In fairness. Ronnie Whelan sounds like he’s a Scouser nowadays so not unusual for someone to lose their original accent


Ah , he moved to the states when he was 14 .
Some story in fairness , fair play to him.


Osi Umenyiora, he was a defensive end for the Giants, particularly good at sacking Quarterbacks. He was born in London, then moved to Nigeria when he was a kid, then to the states when he was a teenager.


Thought he was gonna power bomb him there .
Kickers have a bad game .


Oooffff that’s a bad miss


His family are from Tyrone.


Ah ffs , Southgate on it now .


Christ Southgate is an insufferable fucker