NFL (American Football)


That’s a bit left field :laughing:
not the score but the cause of defeat for New England.

28-24 4th qtr comeback New England win for me.
Predicting eagles to “fly” out of the traps and new England D a shaky start. Eagles running game is crucial to any chance they have, they need to keep Pats offense off the field


Find it hard to enthuse myself on a “sporting” event where the halftime entertainment (Justin effin’ Timberlake) is as eagerly awaited as the game itself.


For the record the missed EP is wide left too.


Pity about him doing it, it’s gone to the dogs in recent years. Some great halftime shows over the years


And the ads. Don’t forget the ads ! :smile:


She may have her knockers but Katy Perry’s halftime show a few years back was excellent.
Seriously though Tom Petty and Prince’s performances were great. The Black Eyed Peas performance is also worth watching as it was awful.


I have noticed.



Ffs is there a Catholic priest running this site?? :roll_eyes:


In work tonight, hoping to catch glimpses of the game. #FlyEaglesFly





Come on the Eagles :eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle:

Would love to see that prick Brady get taken out of it. Absolute tosser




Which is better , the BBC coverage or Sky Sports ?


Has it always been on bbc one?


Back in the 80s it was Channel 4 ?



No ads on BBC and hopefully Mike Carlson will be in the studio so its BBC for me.


3 and 4 are the reasons why I’m going for the Eagles :+1: