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Typical Phillie blowhard


Yerra! :slight_smile:



I’d go for Jordan too .Won 3 rings , 3 finals MVPs . Fucks off for a couple years playing baseball . Comes back & wins 3 more & 3 finals MVPs .




You think Russel was better than Jordan because he won more rings ?


4 more rings as a player… Nah, I’m just pulling your wire. Hard to compare players of different generations. its like comparing basketball players to NFL qbs because they don’t play D. Pure ignorance.

will say one thing about Jordan. He had Scotty and that mad fecker with the piercings. Would love to see the 90s bulls go up against the 80s Lakers and Celts. I only really watched basketball when Bird and Magic were in their prime


I think Bird was better than Magic if I’m honest . But Magic has more rings :wink:.
Pistons weren’t bad either , they rattled the ■■■■ out of Jordan for a few years until the Bulls finally beat them .

But back to the original point , when Brady’s retired nobody will be able to dispute his greatness . What’s he going to do though . I see he has a documentary coming out .


I’m a casual celts fan, and as much as I love Bird (Boston Mt Rushmore Bird, Russell, Brady, Orr) I think you have to take into account Magics early retirement. He’d surely be in the all time conversation.


Magic & the Lakers were gone at that when he retired . Jordan sweeped them & Magics better days were behind him .


Magic wasn’t imo. Karim was gone at the lakers but magic still had a lot of years left


No Showtime , no party . The whole debate is fucked up anyway , sure some have LeBron been better than Bird & Magic .


some have chamberlain better than Russell and Bird as low as 8. No love for Kobe either… Cracking conversation over a pint some night no doubt.


Yeah , what was fun the last year where you had all these guys like Pippen or other old timers saying they had better teams than the current Golden State Warriors & would beat them if both played by the 80’s rules etc . The old greats really have an issue with current teams / players been labelled goats .


and thats the thing…
90s bulls with Pippen and Jordan
80s lakers with Magic and Karim
80s Celts with Bird Parrish and McHale.

on a par with training methods etc it really is hard to not see their point.


It’s soft now , you look at a player the wrong way & the refs blow for a foul . I’d say for toughness , the 80s Celtics & Pistons would lock down the current GSW . I think the showtime Lakers & current GSW are probably more similar . I think the Lakers in their prime would school the GSW .


Which brings us full circle to the NFL…
WRs getting treated softly in todays game. Competely different game from when Moss and TO started to when they retired. kinda skews the QB stats too. (Aaron Rodgers cough cough)


Had to laugh , I watched one of those NFL documentaries about the Oakland Raiders of the '70s . What a bunch of characters , insane bastards .
Lived it on & off the field . Broke my hole watching it .
A serious group of psychos . Loved this bit about Ken Stabler

"As he wrote in his autobiography Snake, “The monotony of [training] camp was so oppressive that without the diversions of whiskey and women, those of us who were wired for activity and no more than six hours sleep a night might have gone berserk.”

Well with a watch


Poor old Ken. Rode anything in a skirt. An absolute character. RIP


Seems the only way to really get at Brady is going after his kids