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Thoroughly enjoyed this :slight_smile:


Great story about Foles


Would Brady’s legacy be affected at all if he lost this one ? He always gets those two he lost to Eli thrown in his face . People might not let him forget about this one .
And how long do we think he’ll keep playing ? He’s in great shape but could the patriots win one without him or Belichick.


in truth he lost both games to the Giants D line. Goober gets too much credit.
as for legacy. His legacy is that he’s the greatest QB ever to play the game. Win or lose.


Do you measure that in wins or talent ?
Often hear Rodgers is the best .All opinions obviously.


GOAT as I’m constantly reminded.

Far from my first sports team to support, but my first American team. The Eagles have meant a lot to me, when McNabb was the Q back and big red got us to a SB, to where we are now. Watch all their games I possibly can. This is a team I can have belief in. To lose a really class QB and still end up in the SB??? That’s a good team. Fingers crossed! #FlyEaglesFly


in everything.
Rodgers is a great QB. He is without doubt a 1st ballot HOFer. But there is no and I mean no and I mean no conversation where his body of work can be compared to Brady.
I mean just for example. GB and NE losing heavily to Atlanta last year. One team comes back led by an all world performance. And that was Brady.
Thats just one example. Rodgers is a brilliant QB. Amazing. He’s not a patch on the GOAT.


Great team. WOuld be worthy SB champs in my opinion.


AH STOP!!! That’s a yerra-ism!!


Are you saying technically Brady is a better qb than Rodgers too ?


Chris Long/LaGarette Blount/Jim Schwartz. Big fans of all 3.


Yeah I am.


Fair enough .


I’m talking total package. As a pure passer Rodgers is clearly better




At the end of the day Brady has 5 rings and that is that for me especially as he was only drafted in the 6th round.
Montana and Elway would probably be in the top 3 also.


Oh I can understand all that . There was a debate during the week about where they were making comparisons between Brady & Michael Jordan . Who was the goat , yes different sports . Fair arguments for both .
I wouldn’t measure greatestness just by how many rings or championships they have won . Skill has to be a bench mark too .


He’s no Bill Russell.


Top 5 all time qbs

no 5. Payton
no 4. Marino ( I know, no ring)
no 3. Elway. ( as much as I hate him)
no 2. Montana
No 1. Brady


Jordan. No contest. As mentioned on a show I was watching during the week, Brady doesn’t even have to play defence. If you absolutely had to win a game then Jordan is your man. Never been a winner like him.