NFL (American Football)


Ever hear of “Massholes” :laughing:


You vandalised summer in dublin aswell as yourself :rofl:


It’s a fair cop!


wasnt their old stadium the only one in the world with a holding cell.


Maybe, don’t know.

I was gonna go all “commitments” there about us Eagles being the blacks of Pennsylvania… But the racism accusations would have been deafening!


except Pittsburgh is a proper shithole


Never been! I’ll bow to your superior knowledge of shitholes coming from where you do! :slight_smile: :rofl:
Insert bitter irony emoji



Good thing their team isn’t in the Super Bowl, then, isn’t it?


they’re too busy celebrating their moral AFC championship


Wasnt having a pop at Philadelphia its just I was amazed to see news over the years of riots in several US cities after a championship win. Could you imagine us getting up to that.
PS… Fly Eagles Fly. They dont like Dallas so thats a plus point in my book.


Even better, the old stadium had a prison and a court.



Was it also used for Live Aid?


Ah it was beautiful


patriots in white for superbowl, get in


That’s that then , may as well hand over the trophey !
What was the reason behind Brady’s hand injury. Heard he got the webbing in his hand caught in a Helmut or something ??


I mean. I could tell you but…


Peeing in the sinks. Only time I have ever seen that was in the Palace bar Fleet St. on the night of Sam’s homecoming parade in 95.
Even now if I have a pint there I get flashbacks of the moment.


Superbowl matchups.

QB Brady (NE 4,577 32/8 66.3% 102.8) Foles (PHI 537 5/2 56.2% 79.5)
Having confidently predicted that the Eagles season would die when Carson Wentz went down, Nick Foles has surprised every one outside of the Phillie organisation by getting to the Superbowl. Had Wentz been in situ I would imagine a lot more people would be confident of an Eagles victory. Foles has been more than capable replacement.
Stepping up to help the team steamroll the Vikings in the conference championship. Before then he gutted out a win against an ever improving Falcons in the divisional rd. He clearly has grown in stature and has shown some of his former potential (remember his 27 TD to 2 Int season) so, he can do it. Foles will continue the RPO (Run pass option) offence to try and unsettle the NE front 7, and does have two very good outside receivers and a Top 3 TE to get the ball to. Expect him to have a decent game, whether NE can generate turnover ball (Of this, more later) we’ll see.
If Trent Dilfer/Joe Flacco and Jeff Hostettler can win this game Foles certainly can. But he will have to be lights out.

As for Mr. Brady. Its been 3 seasons since DeflateGate, but he’s still carrying the grudge. That can only be good for NE. He’ll be two weeks healthier not only with the thumb but with the achilles injury that has been bothering him since mid season.
A routine victory against the Titans in the divisional rd and a 4th quarter comeback V Jacksonville was his lot in the play offs he will be praying for a healthy Rob Gronkowski at TE. Cooks/Hogan and
(Clutch) Amendola will be his WR targets. Not forgetting the RBs. In NE’s last two superbowl wins their leading receivers were James White (14 receptions Superbowl 51) and Shane Vereen (11 receptions). I would expect this is an area where NE will try to unsettle Phillie (Giving up a meagre 78 yards against the run per game in the regular season), then try to generate the momentum to bring Gronk/Cooks into the game. if they get a footing it could be over early (Fun fact that I need to check up. Tom Brady hasn’t registered a single point in the 1st quarter in any of his 7 Superbowls)
Advantage: NE


Looks like Gronk is back .