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Listened to a short interview about this guy on Bill Simmons podcast .Fair play to him


Saw a clip of that Korean guy doing the kick and somersault, good luck to him. Theres a tenuous GAA link too here to the NFL'Donoghue


Pats fan here. Been a fan of the sport since around 2000 and just couldnt resist the bandwagon that was building around the Pats post 2001.

Playing fantasy too, in a 10 man league so my roster is fairly stacked all over. I have Gostkowski tonight so hoping to pick up a few points. Hes a solid kicker and with a team that puts up TDs regularly its hard to go wrong with him. Heads up to anyone who had Miami or Tampa players starting this weekend as their game has been cancelled due to the pending hurricane, both teams on a bye week instead. Sit down Jarvis landry.

Predictions wise I see the Pats going close this year despite the loss of Edelman, although a lot will depend on Gronk staying healthy. Raiders a great shout too. Dallas would have been one of the front runners for the NFC for me too if it wasn’t for this ridiculous 6 week ban Elliot is facing. I really hope that is thrown out. Another season, another Goodell shitstorm.

Im a big baseball fan too. I used to find it difficult to watch until I gave it a go playing it for a couple of years. It may come as a surprise to some on here but there is an Irish baseball league and its actually very well organised and competitive although the community is really small. Baseball is the type of game that is so much more interesting to play than to watch. By playing you pick up all the rules and different scenarios very quickly as you can imagine you will need to . Strange in that the more you know about the game the better player you will be, rather than a dependence on athletic ability.

Staying up for the opener tonight, hoping for a good game. Very interesting match up.


Kudos on the baseball man, only got into it when I moved to Canada but absolutely love it, play a bit of slow pitch myself great fun.
Am heading to see the BlueJays in 10 days time very excited about this!!


Kareem Hunt ! Has to be closed to the best debut ever by a rookie, 248 yds and 3 TDs against the reigning superbowl champions at home.


Mike Gilleslee looks like he’s going to pick up a mountain of TD’s this year also he is to the go to guy on last nights evidence for those redzone walk ins


didn’t start well either with a fumble on his first carry.


Bill can be funny in relation to bright spark RB’s that show immediate promise but honestly hope he is a solid option during the year as the WR corp looked a bit weak at times last night and Gronk is just being played out of the game.

Stayed up until half time and watched the condensed second half on Game Pass this morning. Really shocked at the play calling, going for it on 4th and 1 twice, and running the ball both times, when you have Brady who is so successful on QB SNEAK . But they should’ve kicked a FG the first time, so early, take the points and move on…
Pats D really showed weak under the deep ball. 2 TDs with huge yardage, anyways…week 1…they will learn from it…roll on sunday now!


strange defence for Hill’s TD. Very hard to expect a safety to cover across to him with his pace when the CB let him go


Good game to open the season anyway.

The Chiefs always strike me as a nearly team, the injury to Spencer Ware in the preseason could be a blessing in disguise as he was brutal last year I thought


Patriots getting a bit of pasting , and not just during the game .Just watched a segment on it . Way over the top with the opening ceremony & literally took their eyes off the ball .


Havent seen the 2nd half yet, but if the Patriots defense get torched like that on a regular basis and suffer key injuries on offense it could be a long hard season. Agree too about the pre game ceremony. Could have done that in pre-season. Flashing up the 28-3 Superbowl 3rd quarter score was just rubbing Atlanta’s face in it.


The Pats D missed Hightower hugely when he went off in the 3rd, gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter. Also Its no coincidence that a team playing 4 safetys and only 1 inside linebacker gets torched by a red hot running back. I dont believe this would have been the case with a fit Hightower on the defensive line.

On the opening ceremony, I think the idea was to rub Roger Goodell’s face in it more than anything else. It was his first time back in Foxboro for a Pats game after the Brady suspension shenanigans of early last year. I read that he had some ridiculous agreements in place such as his face would not be on the big screen at the stadium, to not give the fans the chance to ridicule him. Thousands of fans wore T shirts with Goodells face wearing a clown nose on it. Part of the winning of the superbowl is that the winning team gets to launch the new opening season on Thursday night football which gets televised in every state in the US. Thats a huge deal as most games wont get many viewers outside their respective states as there is a handful of teams in action at the same time on a Sunday. Most teams go over the top when such an opportunity occurs. Its also why the Monday night football is such a coveted slot for games and the NFL has to spread that around the teams to make sure all players get the chance to play in front of such an audience.


Agree on the Hightower going off, Flowers having made such a huge play in the Super Bowl last year looked all at sea without Hightower, Smith recognized the hole that was left and played accordingly, but what amazed me most is the Pats didn’t adapt they comtinued with a pass rush defence that wasn’t functioning.
What a first NFL game for Kareem Hunt rushed for 148 and 3 touchdowns, after a fumble on his first career carry!


Good points, I see what your saying. I hadnt factored in the Goodell angle.


Berry out for the season for the chiefs sours what was a great win.


This Redzone is very good , action all the way !


Packers Seattle game , neither can appear to break down the defense .Hopefully this picks up 2nd half .


Could well be a pointless first half.

Giants game kicks off near 1am hopefully the al&chris show will be on comms, but will sky have any in break studio talk this year.


Crucial sequence there with Wilson getting sacked , Packers recover & then force a touch down .Might spark it into life now .


What’s a pick 6 ?