NFL (American Football)


Fun fact.
Blake Bortles averages 6.5 yards per rushing attempt. Shazier is a huge loss if Bortles has to improvise. OVerall though Jags Offense isn’t great. Robinson is obviously a huge loss. And Hurns was anonymous last week.


when your QB has more rushing yards than passing yards there’s an issue


Fair point

Do you think Lattimore will travel with Diggs or Thielen…or neither?


Latimore to cover Diggs. Latimore has hardly lined up in the slot all year and I think the Vikings have a smart enough coaching staff to target weakness. A bit like the Patriots.


If the saints can stay tight and keep it within a score towards the end id fancy them.
Presume no one is giving titans a chance


zero - none!

I happen to think the Pats (playing angry) will cover the 13.5 point spread too.


Is there any book I can get so that I can get up to speed with American Football lingo. Is defense and offense the same as defence and offence? Do people just have to spell them wrong because they are being used in an American context and they can’t spell? Should I say things like - hey the Pats wear lovely colors and their center back is a cool dude!’ Is a QB a large burger? All help welcome. Go Jags or whoever … or whomsoever …


Any of these games on at a reasonable hour at the weekend ?


Eagles- Falcons…Sat at 9:30pm
Patriots - Titans…Sat at 1:15am (sunday)…this is the worst one
Steelers - Jags…Sunday at 6pm
Vikings - Saints…Sunday at 9:40 (late enough finish possibly at 1 ish)


Cheers , I’ll probably be able to catch the Patriots game !


London games being announced today.

Anyonbe ever go to one? What was your expeirence?

Think id rather save up and head over to the East Coast for one myself.


I went to 5 of the first 6, but haven’t been for a few years (kids etc etc…) Enjoyed them.

Seats matter if you really want to follow the action closely…hard to appreciate a 6 yard run from the endzone (looks like he got nowhere)…

Wembley is a great stadium too, will they still be there next year?


Wembley and Spurs new stadium. Spurs new ground is to host at least one anyway.


The UK games are great but they don’t compare to games over there - weather, tailgate, junk food etc. Wouldn’t talk you out of Wembley mind you


Will defo look into Spurs new ground, always like to see new stadiums.


There was two games at Twickenham in 2017 and one in 2016, also. Nother planned for 2018, I believe.


ground is flying up - Sad to see white hart lane go , but this should be a great stadium (albeit there might be a few too many posh seats in there)


Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders, Tottenham stadium, Oct. 14.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Wembley Stadium, Oct. 21 or 28.

Tennessee Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers, Wembley Stadium, Oct. 21 or 28.

Decent looking offering this year!


I was at around 4 aswel, all Wembley. Very enjoyable experience. Especially if you have never been to a game then I would reccomend going for the experience, which is the whole point of the London series. I was in a game in the old candlestick and did the tailgating too before hand, of course Wembley couldn’t compete with that


Go Eagles as predicted!