NFL (American Football)


New Orleans getting it done here and not relying on the run. Great team to watch when in full flow.


Brees is the business.


Big kick by Gano. still in touch


Jesus , that’s some fg .


Erin Andrews siting


Brees is a genius


Another huge kick . Game looks like it’s only going in one direction , New Orleans.


Ball game now !


Nice hit on Newton


Disaster .


Fantastic. Been very accurate tonight .


Huge TD from McCaffrey ! This ain’t over yet , Panthers hanging in , Panthers 26 Saints 31 with about 4 mins to go.


Panthers defence did well there . Looks like Cam has 2 minutes to try & win this .
Spoke too soon , thought they were gonna punt .
Almost interception for Panthers but Saints turned it over anyway.


Saints win , Cam couldn’t find anybody for last few downs .

Enjoyable game :blush:


who dat them say gonna beat them saints


Eagles- Falcons
Patriots - Titans
Steelers - Jags
Vikings - Saints.

Call it


Heart says saints, head says Vikings





Top two not close, bottom two will be a break of a ball either way.

Can Jags muster enough offense? Will AB’s health be a difference…

Similarly, can Minn keep the Keenum train on track, or will he prove that he is who they thought he was (one of my fav NFL quotes…this and PLAYOFFS!!!))



Falcons - Ajayi might give them a few problems but I cannot see Foles putting up enough points

Steelers - Shazier is a huge loss which should impact their run defense. In one of the games he missed Alex Collins from the Ravens tore them apart. Fournette is a similar back and will need to have similar success if the Jags are going to win.

Vikings - Giving the Vikings D the edge in this one. Thielen in the slot will give the Saints trouble

Im giving the Jags the biggest chance to cause an upset.