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Where did you specify NFL coaching? oh just now.

anyway. O’Brien has never had a QB at Texas and made the play offs last year. Watsons injury is the reason the Titans made the playoffs. you state he’s been given a free reign. When? Rick Smith has only just stepped down.
McDaniels was IMO jettisoned too early in Denver.
Schwartz is an excellent co ordinator and got the lions to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.
As for ignoring Ferentz and Saban, done just to make your point.

Ignoring the GMs Dimitrov and how could I forget ozzie Newsome. Only a 2 time winning GM that was first hired by BB and gives him the credit for his success. but nevermind.


This is a poor game. Sad that this is the standard of a post season game.


both doing a great job trying to lose it


Gary glitter music in background.


Two poisonous teams here, cheering for Buffalo but god they are average at best


Bortles making some plays with his feet


Read the post…

I said BOB WILL be given control now, because the GM has stepped down.

Your opinion that JMcD was canned too soon doesn’t change his record or the view that he had a very incohesive unit there. He came in and acted like he’s been and done it, before he’d earned it. I think the experience may have humbled him and will stand to him going forward.

I didn’t ignore Saban (his two years in the NFL were shit)

JS - Getting the lions to the playoffs (and losing) was nothing special, he had the bast non QB in the league and at the time one of the best D lineman in the league in Suh. Clearly those that matter agree, they fired him. Also Schwartz was on the Cleveland staff like 20 odd years ago.

Ignoring GM’s when talking about coaches…crazy I know. Original point was about JMcD and MP leaving…not about Caserio.


Glad I backed the under here, two shite off’s here


So selecting pieces to make your argument and ignoring body of work. Gotcha ted


Nope - was talking about two coaches leaving NE this offseason for NFL HC jobs.

Went through all of the former NE coordinators that I could think of that left for NFL HC jobs…

None of which have worked out particularly well to date…all fired ex BOB who was on the hot seat this year (having cycled through a litany of shit QB’s that either he picked or wasn’t strong enough to stop entering the building), but as I stated has a chance to change that with DW next year…

apples meet more apples…


What qbs did Bob pick? He’s on record saying before hand he didn’t want osweiler.


AGAIN. Read the fooking post…
See what I said…either A or B

If what you say is true, it was B.
Not a problem anymore…


Get your fooking information straight then.
O’brien hasn’t brought any QB into the house outside of scouting work he did for Watson, who hopefully is a superstar in the waiting, but remains a Rick smith pick. Give him a season with Watson. then write him off because I’m sure you’ll find some reason to suit your argument.
BTW Re schwartz. A play off team 2 years after an 0-16 season. Just saying


What information was not straight?

Without knowing the intimate workings of a sporting organization a couple of thousand miles away, I said that he either picked them or didn’t stop the pick.

Seems pretty straight to me.

Also said a couple of times that he hasn’t proven out yet…so bravo for repeating what I had already said


Anyone watching the New Orleans Panthers game ?
What’s people’s views on Cam Newton .I’ve seen he’s had some bizarre media statements recently , is he the full shilling ?


He’s a coach. he doesn’t do the shopping.


I spent some time in Charlotte last year with work. lets just say. he’s a fuckwit.


Always thought he was a tool and that crap pre-game dancing just sums him up. Will always remember him chickening out of a fumble recovery at the end of the Superbowl against Denver.


I was fortunate enough to be in San Fran two years ago on my honeymoon during Superbowl week . I was doing the bus tours with Panthers fans , they lived up to the steriotype of what I thought people from Charlotte might be like . Strange folk …


smashing downtown area. epicenter is great craic. some really good live music areas, but yeah. evangelists conservative, etc etc etc,