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two reasons the story is utter bullshit.

  1. no attributed quotes
  2. Mike reiss ESPNs man in New england hasn’t said shit. and he’s close to those in power at foxboro

only way we will know if the story is in anyway true. and that will be belichick not coaching NE next season. He’d never let an owner make a football decision.


Rule no. 1. Never trust or put money on an Andy Reid team in the playoffs. if there is a way to ■■■■ it up he’ll find it. Chiefs very hot and cold but i expect them to win here

Rams Falcons. I think McVay has put together a very good team this year and deserves t obe coach of the year. Falcons are not the attacking force they were in 2016 under their new OC. Better in defence though. Superbowl nightmares should come back to haunt them.

Jags Bills. Can’t see the Jags throwing this one away. Bills really aren’t all that. But the jags have the more aggressive and lets face it better D. therefore they win.

Saints - Panthers. Come on saints. wipe the smile off cams face. They have Drew Alvin Michael and Mark. Which ultimately should be enough against Cams rethreads.


Sir, your opine of the fabled Eagles?


Wentz mvp before he went down.
Foles won’t do it for them. See nfc as 4 horse race.

Hoping saints pull thru


Chiefs taking care of business.


Marcus Mariota 6 yard TD pass to Marcus Mariota. Game on now. Time for the Chiefs D to step up.


Henry TD. We have a game.


ro roh


kansas running on fumes


Obviously no faith in the defence to make a stop there in playing a 4th down. Big capitulation in this 2nd half.


Eh edit that.


Thats a lot of accumulators on the 4 home teams winning gone by the wayside. Mine included.


Andy Reid. mother of jesus.


just saying




Great win by the falcons. Nfc wide open. Would love to see extended highlights to see what caused the stutter by LA


YouTube do highlights of all the games Mr.White.

  1. tone down the condescension, its a forum, you know, for opinions. 2) research?, what is this, a thesis for a masters or the NY Times.

I was referring to coaches doing well in the pro’s after flying the BB nest . Its a different animal to the college game where recruiting kids is as important as anything. Also you are dealing with guys on the way there as opposed to the egos of a guy earning millions of $ a year…not comparable IMO). So that takes care of Ferentz.

Saban’s record in the NFL…2 years of mediocrity having picked Dante Culpepper over Drew Brees…good call!

Jim Schwartz did not exactly set the world alight in Detroit. One playoff appearance which he lost. 4 years of terrible (with a good QB and Megatron at his disposal. His next gig (which should come this off season will define him).

I’ll add a few more examples which back my point up.
Mangini - total failure
Romeo Crenell - one momentary piece of average and a load of failure.
McDaniels first foray - failure.
Bill O’Brien - considering the talent on Def, and him a offensive guy, so far, a failure in my book (chance with Watson to turn it around esp now he will be given total control), was certainly on the hot seat this year.

You wanna give college as examples (although I generally wouldn’t compare), we can throw in charlie Weiss…

Anyway, long and short of it, no BB protegee has done anything of note as a HC in the NFL…and hey, i didn’t even have to research it! Point stands.


Ah, the oul Barróg lovers tiff!!!


Wait…he’s Barrog…I take it all back :joy: