NFL (American Football)


Sorry, meant to say if the Jags and Pats finish level.

(Who could forget teh steelers Jags game :smiley: )


Jags strength of schedule looks to be better


They pulled a similar move last year with Michael Floyd, did nothing. It’s a standard Pats move, bring in troubled talent on little or no money and hope to catch a genie in the bottle…


This one a little different i think. Big bodied receiver. Edelman down. Dola and Hogan hurting. Mitchell not returning from ir. It could be just a depth move.


Rodgers cleared to play for Green Bay !


Huge weekend to look forward to. Pats Steelers is huge, lets hope it will live up to its billing. Pats far from impressive this week though that should be that out of their system. It didnt do me any harm as I limped into the playoffs in fantasy. Needed Brady to score less than 18 pts.


Sweet! Didnt realize until earlier there were 2 games on tonight. The winner of the Chargers Chiefs game could be well placed to make the playoffs.


Russel Wilson having a mare tonight , Rams taking them apart .


Rams laying down a marker tonight. Am hoping they rest Gurley though as hes doing damage to 1 of my Fantasy teams chances.


WOW, some finish to the Steelers Patriots game.


And an even crazier finish. Unbelievable


Very debatable decision for that Steelers touchdown.


The highest paid man in the NFL decided to do that at the end of a must win games :smile:

Terrible terrible from Derek Carr


What a ball-up by James for the Steelers TD. If only he just held on…

Remarkable game. Juju’s run outrageous. The noise in the stadium at that point…wow



Brady the shit stirrer :joy:


Jimmy keeps on rolling !


Will belicheck have made a rare misstep by shipping him out and holding on to brady for 2/3 years more tops versus maybe a franchise qb for the next decade



Bill might hit the road when Tom retires . Another Alex Ferguson scenario . But if he has intentions of staying you can be sure he has some plans in place .