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yeah. a big portion of space will be covered as the majority of the guaranteed money is gone. every year he stays bonuses will need to be paid, so it makes sense to cut him. in my mind he’s done. hasn’t led a team to 30 points in 2 years. his pick rate is high…
Giants need to draft on both lines and build from there. Yes a QB is a must but there will be FA QBs to review. They really need to cut McAdoo first. Man is a clown.


Thanks for the reply.
In freeing up cap I would assume Beckham will probably expect a pay incease now thats hes the main man.
I think the Giants would be foolish to blow their high pick on a QB unless this years crop contains a real star. Running Back for me is the crux of all their problems.
Also recall the Giants saying they had seen positive signs from Webb who they drafted this year.


Odell coming up to contract renegotiation soon. Don’t rule out him being traded.
2018 q.b. class meant to be very good so we’ll see.
As for RB. Unless they get decent linemen in to run block Walter Payton couldn’t help them imo


RB’s are generally only as good as their lines as you say. And can get a decent RB lower in the draft as the likes of Howard has shown in recent years


That would be my view.

Orleans Darkwa showed against Denver he could be a quality RB if he had any sort of a line in front of him


Just saw this while flicking through the channels .Scary injury , couldn’t move his legs afterwards :sweat:
MNF Pittsburgh Bengals game


Yesterdays redzone was the best in recent memory anyway. Loads of interesting match ups.

Poor auld Carson Wentz. Gutted for him


Was good alright!
The snow game was ridiculous!!

The Texans putting their QB back in after he was convulsing on the ground was scandalous, they should be fined or docked draft picks or something. In this day and age, a disgrace.

It really is a war of attrition when you look at the players that have gone down. So many teams losing their best player on either side of the ball (Watt, Watson, Wentz, Luck, Shazier, Beckham, David Johnson, Eric Berry…)

Every year at this time you have to look out for a team to scrape into the p/offs on a bit of a streak. Look out for the Packers, tough schedule which they will probably have to win out, but with Rodgers coming back anything is possible…


Dont forget the Jags :slight_smile:

That defence is mean. I felt the Seahawks were fortunate enough to get 24 points.

Also some shenanigans at the end of that game :smiley:


steelers pulling another win. getting interesting


Confirmed ACL for Wentz.


Season changer for the Eagles. Was MVP for sure if his form continued… Hopefully he can rub off on his replacement!!!






The attrition rate on key players in this game is cruel.
It also makes the longevity of Tom Bradys career and achievements all the more remarkable.
Was going to stay up last night for the Steelers Ravens but thought it would be a low scoring field goal contest so hit the hay. Big mistake.


Watched the last quarter of the Patriots game last night. Brady took a lot of hits and was slow getting up. He looked his age!

Steelers v Patriots this sunday night. Ill stay up for that one and you’d have to favour the Steelers to sow up the number 1 seed.

Whats the tie-breaker if the Jags and Patriots finish level ?


conference record?


if tied then strength of schedule.
pats steelers going to be huge.
kenny britt signed for pats tonight. interesting to see if he’s got anything left.


So if the Jags and Steelers finish level, who gets the tiebreaker?

The Jags are fun to watch. That defence combined with the unpredictability of Bortles. Throw Fournette into the mix. Great stuff


Jags bet steelers