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That would be a nice addition to the old 90’s Jets jersey I still have.


Those barstool guys ( well the guy who own the site ) are shit stirrers to the extreme . The owner is a Boston head so he hates Goodell . They’ve become quite popular across America , a type of platform .


These two have previous , something about ripping a chain off or something.


Bortles was Bortles last night.

A nice mixture of good play and absolute garbage. Big big loss for the Jags.

Steelers and Patriots leep on rolling.


ye Talib ripped his chain off last year in a game


was there a Taliban?


He’s a real heat Sikh-er


Colts head coach having an Eric Cantona sea gull moment :joy:


Eli has been benched


Some of the reactions to this read more like tributes to Manning. I’d say thats that, end of an era. Will be interesting to see if the Jaguars move for him.


Can’t spell pick six without eli


Not taking it too well


Follow a few giants fans etc on twitter who’ve been calling for his head for years, now it finally happens they are going absolutely mental at McAdoo, not impressed at all.


Too much mcadoo about nothing.


Shocking to drop Eli for Geno Smith.

Do the front office really beleive that Geno Smith is the man to try and restore some honour next year?

I feel bad for Eli, two time superbowl MVP being dropped for such a poor replacement.


In fairness McAdoo just wanted to give them game time and Eli said what’s the point starting me if I know I’m coming off, just start the other guys.


Breaking Eli’s starting streak to start a non viable option going forward is just another low point in McAdoo’s awful season as head coach


Again, he wanted to continue to start Eli, but Eli said he felt it would tarnish the streak. Basically McAdoo told Eli he wanted to give the other QBs some game time and Eli threw his toys out of the pram and said he didn’t want to start if he knew he was going to be benched later in the game.


What’s funny about this is that they probably could have traded him for some decent picks before the deadline. Someone like the Jags or Denver with a championship level Def and no QB woulda paid a hefty premium i reckon.

Now they wont get a thing and will probably have to release him after the season.


Im not 100% on the cap space/franchising star players stuff but Im assuming Manning going will free up money/the cap.
If the Giants draft a top end running back who they desperately need and recruit free agents wisely it would be a start to the rebuilding process. The latter is a big If though based on how the Giants have handled this episode.