NFL (American Football)


Serious dilemmas this week in fantasy !

need the win to secure my playoff place, the absolute geeks my friends & I are we’ve bought a championship ring which I need to win !

Gronk or Engram…
Burkhead or Ekeler…
Alex Smith or Tyrod…


Gronk missed practice yesterday but only with an illness. If Engram was playing Sunday, it would be so much easier to wait and see. I’d personally go with Engram just in case and happy enough that he is the best outlet and Washington can’t defend TE’s

Can’t trust Belichick and RB’s. Burkhead got a short leash last week

Tyrod for me in that one. The bills can’t defend the run so expect to see a large dose of Hunt and then for Taylor to have to chase the game through the air.

Can’t beat the added value of a ring presentation on Super Bowl night in town. The tackier the better


Need to pick 4 of these 6…(must have one TE)…dunno who to drop…listed in current order of pref…any advice wlecome??

Marvin Jones (WR - Det)
Alshon Jeffery (WR - Phi)
Tyreek Hill (WR - KC)
Jared Cook (TE - Oak)
Evan Engram (TE - NYG)
Damien Williams (RB - Mia)


Engram as the TE

I’d take the 3 WR over Williams who had one massive run and then very little else. Also envision them falling behind NE and not running the ball too much


Cheers - am temped to play the two TE’s
Cook against Den who are 2nd worst v TE’s and Engram playing Was who are 3rd…

Hill can be a bit boom or bust…and as you say, i reckon they’ll just run over the Bills with Hunt and not need to use Hill too much (good move Bills, trading away your best run defender and then giving up 500 yards on the ground in two games…!!! they give the Brown a run for their money in terms of dysfunction!!))


2 TE league? Hill would be my lowest of the 3 as well so could justify moving him out of the lineup but would be a toss up for me.


My feeling on the TE situation is that gronk will primarily be used as a blocker this weekend. Especially with NE injuries at RT


Not 2 TE - Flex can be anything RB/WR/TE


3 catched…18 yeards…Hate the Giants!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


not a great result although Jones racked up a nice line


I’d agree with this on Gronk, especially now that they can flex Marty B out wide as a kind of Gronk-lite (fake elbow/shoulder injury and all…)



Question , can the patriots & the eagles meet in the super bowl ?




No that would be sweet , that’s Wentz lad is some talent .


We need to talk about why nobody’s talking about the Vikings


Not heard them mentioned in what I listen to but they have the second best record .Must check them out .


9-2 without their starting QB although that seems to have worked out fine for them. I cant see anything to be frightened of in their remaining games either. They’ll be in the playoffs, maybe not with a bye, but remains to be seen if they have it in the tank come post season. No big names and not from a big name city means no attention from the media.


Even though the Vikings are close to sewing up the NFC North I find it hard to picture Case Keenum leading the Vikings through the playoffs especially if they dont have home field advantage.
As for the overall winner would be nice to see a 1st time or new winner just to shake things up. Ive nothing against the old reliables Pats, Steelers or Seahawks but Im hoping the final 4 this year are Jags/Chiefs and Eagles/Vikings.


Nice gift for the holidays :rofl:

Up til the 3rd quarter with time remaining on front
Full time on the back