NFL (American Football)


And in other news… You have to feel sorry for the long suffering Browns fans


the nature of the game means you’re always going to have coaches try to be too cute and ■■■■ it up totally, think seahawks passing the ball with the last play of the game in the SB a few years ago…


Steelers getting the job done at the moment.

The difference in Big Ben home and away is remarkable.

the TD he threw to James when everyone was certain Bell would run it in was the mark of a suprmeely confident guy.

Watch him away from home and he looks like a rookie this season


Didn’t he have a meltdown a while back saying maybe he should retire ? Seem to remember something from a q & a with reporters .


Yeah after the Jags game a few weeks back, he’d thrown 5 interceptions.

He looked good last night


Seeing as the thing is so open I backed the Jags @ 25s to go all the way.

Reasons: I like their run in. Its favourable. They may win all of their remaining games bar 1. Possibility of homefield advantage. Their defence is really strong and their running game is strong too.

The Steelers were excellent last night. Bell doen the job the last day. Brown stood up last night and theyve Juju James and the other receiver whos name I cant think of. Theyll have a big big say in the outcome.

Absolutely loving this NFL season.


Martavis Bryant


Bortles would put me off backing them.

Interesting point made last week in commentary saying they need to stop giving up stupid penalties they need to act like a real winning team.

Bortles & penalties I think could be central to scuppering your bet!.


Especially taunting penalties :joy:


This. Better teams will generate turnovers against him. His mechanics are still not great. Jacksonville look great though.

But you know. Anyone but the effing steelers


Have had Bortles on a fantasy team before and know his positive stats used to come late in games when the Jags were already well beaten. They have a lot in place though if they could land a good QB.


Eli manning for a season or two to reunite with coghlan


Peterman for the Bills last night threw more interceptions than Tyrod had in the whole season.

is there a dumber sports organization in the world than the Buffalo Bills?


still in the wildcard hunt and they decide now is the time to see what their backup qb has? This after they shipped their best run blocking defender a few weeks back and as a result have been destroyed on the ground the last 3 games


And the Eagles fly higher thumping Dallas last night!


Bills are hilarious.
Nfc looks to be where the actions at right now. Lots of good teams
Patriots face the shitheads in Pittsburgh in 3 weeks time to sort HFA in the afc. Although the jags still knocking


The 49ers finally lucked out and found a worse team than they are. At least SF can say they had a reserve QB, what’s the giants excuse?


The Redskins have my heart broke.

Patriots, Steelers, Vikings and Eagles keep rolling.

The Jags continue winning very ugly!


Hall of fame ballot time.
First. TO needs a jacket. Disgraceful he’s not there considering Harrison and Warner got jackets last year.
2. Randy Moss. If he isn’t a first ballot member i do not know.


It’ll be all about Ray anyway, he’s a shoe in.
I think Moss and Urlacher join him. I suspect controversy either way.

Johnson and TO aswel.