NFL 2017 Round 4: Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, Saturday March 4th, 7pm


To be critical - EOG hasn’t scored anything from play so far this league after three starts and one sub appearance -

I’d imagine Gavin and his forward coaches will have him working on his execution, saying he needs to do better, even allowing for the the other qualities he brings


I was on about the peno lol , sorry should have been more clear :no_mouth:


Some great quotes here

joet1480 says:
March 7, 2017 at 6:44 pm
They won’t say a word to him Ros Town. If MDMA didn’t recieve sanction for the mid air choke tackle on COC last year then I doubt it. And Philly for biting. And Philly for gouging. And Philly for gouging again. And James McCarthy for full body checks. And Dennis Bastick for gealic football’s most basic infringement etc etc. We could be here all evening. The list goes on and on. But that’s what we’re up against and that’s what we have to factor in when planning games. I’m glad it’s not my job.

MayoRoosterman says:
March 5, 2017 at 10:17 am
Final gripe! – “Mayo now haven’t beaten Dublin in 11 attempts” … “this isn’t a rivalry”.
While the record books are all that matter,I’ve said it numerous times in them 11 games – a lot of the 8 defeats need a huge asterisk after them!, We have been robbed & rode so often that we’d have a better than 50% record in that spell I’ve no doubt. Each of the 3 draws needless to say we ought to have won too…whether it’s Maurice deegans conscience getting him months later or McQuillan / Coldrick (& Gough too?) turning a blind eye to filth – I feel a bit like Balotelli “Why always me (us)”


no one is as blind as those who are c*nts.


Bit harsh there See_Saw - the lad missed a couple of chances … no need for a firing squad …


Mayo fans to record new song for 2017 season and adopt it as their anthem


Terris lueller your my hero. Quote of the week.


From how many chances I wonder? Very few of Mayo’s forwards got chances against us last year. The one he got the first day was to equalise the game in injury time, so a massive score. Getting 3 Vs Tyrone, considering Tyrone are extremely tight, and it was a very low-scoring game, was some achievement. He reminds me of Deano from play, solid, and does alot of work. Mind you Dean had an outstanding year last year, and probably got alot more chances to score that COC. But you could argue Dean is better at making chances, finding space etc etc.


But blow it again this year like 2014, and we wont. Let’s see how it pans out. Every year brings another huge challenge.


League final, and All-I semi (bar the short but very costly meltdown). But Kerry once again let us play, Mayo didn’t


I did also say that O’Gara’s goal efforts in the last few years have been as good as most of our forwards, only Kevin better, and Mannion has done well from less chances/appearances.

Whilst I spoke about his awkwardness, in major championship games especially he has been very effective running with the ball given the chance, and linking the play. Also doesn’t run down blind alleys too much. All excellent attributes, not to be taken for granted, along with the obvious stuff, effective target-man, breaking tackles, big game composure.

The only question is will he get the chance to get his shooting back up to standard? (It is noted that in fairness Clarke is the most difficult keeper to get a shot past at that level.)


This popped up on Facebook earlier. Brightened up my day anyway


thats quite funny to be fair - love the expression on DC


Yep, I agree with Tayto, that is funny! And no harm meant by it…


For me the best thing about this game was that Flynn scored a long distance point. His shooting last year was very poor, he was either blocked or sent it wide in nearly every attempt. It can take just one score to bring the mojo back and that might have been it. From what I have seen of his dedication, I bet he spent the winter practising these.


Flynn is concerned that he upset you …


Well that changed nothing anyway …


At least his conscience is clear. Until the next time…


Was it in the '88 Leinster Final that Dave Synnott got sent off with a bloody nose? Probably “deserved an elbow” for marking Flynn to tight.


Don’t get me started, happened right in front of me!