NFL 2017 Round 4: Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, Saturday March 4th, 7pm


Hey. I’m a teacher. Ask a question you’ll usually get an answer :grimacing::grimacing:


Can’t understand all this grief that poor David Clarke is getting. Sure Aido is the heart and soul just get him to take the kick outs, he can kick it to seamie who can hand pass it back to our favourite corn cobbed juggxrnaught as he is doing his polar bear impression and he can then sell CAUC a dummy and then pop it over the black spot. Well that’s the take I’m getting from me readings on mayo blog


I don’t get it either. He’s a terrific keeper with one area to work on


And probably one of the easier ones to improve on, it is not all that hard to keep a ball lower and more direct.


In fairness he is a serious shot stopper. Can’t understand why they are not working on his kicks over in Mayo?


He’s in his 30s no? Should know how to kick a ball out at this stage


Agree, but let’s be fair, Clucko has a lot to answer for, what was once kicking out a ball has now become rocket science:. Cluxton has really gave the rest a lot to think about don’t think anyone could have foreseen the influence a keeper could have on a games from an attacking point of view, he simply added a new dimension to a keeper’s role.


True enough, changed the game


Nice of the Sunday Game to mention COC elbowing Philly


In fairness to him Dublin made it very hard for him last night in the way they set up on Mayos kickouts.

Dublin pushed right up with sometimes 11 players within the Mayo half and 7/8 inside the 45 and gave him very few options to go short. Dublin half backs then where there to mop up ball around the middle if he went long. When he did go short They were too slow coming out with it and it gave Dublin the opportunity to put pressure on them easily enough.

It is an area he needs to improve but so do the team he’s playing with and actually give him a bit more movement instead of standing still. The goal came from a looping kickout and the Mayo player standing still waiting for it.


he is 12 years playing for Mayo ,hard to believe or maybe not -it is mayo after all - his kickout has not been identified as a problem and rectified


His kick outs would probably not have been a problem,had it not been for the fact that Cluxton has made kick outs a hugely important part of the game, lets be honest before Cluxton, a keeper with a good kick out was the one who could hit the ball further down the field. His kick outs are probably no worse or better than the rest, but Cluxton is in a different league and as has been mentioned the players out field are also a vital part of a plan that has been worked on over the years.


The irony is Cluxton’s kickouts haven’t been great recently.


Flynn’s main issue really is that he is just a bit dim. No harm to the guy, but putting him on the radio is nearly taking advantage of him…

But that is RTE Radio Sport, it is like a home for the intellectually bewildered, on GAA anyway. Tommy Carr, Bernard Flynn etc. etc…


Mick Fitz / Philly most likely. Credit to Mick Fitz for knuckling down when ROC went on his travels. I never thought we’d be able to manage the gap he left as well as we have tbh. Would still welcome him back with open arms, mind.


you can bet roles reversed it would be mentioned.


I would agree, but last night he knocked a few top class ones, but in general his best one are usually a combination of him finding the space and the man finding the ball. I mean the one in the dying minutes of the final last year was madness, Kilkenny had no right to win that ball, but it was a clear case of both believing in each other, " Put it there and I will get it" But to do that you have to have the keeper that can kick it out there and the player that can win it. easier said than done


Back training with club I hear?


Rory won’t be back