New Dublin Jersey


Players fit jersey, brave man.

Good story from 2011. A few of us were at a Dublin Leinster championship match and sitting in one of the front rows in the Cusack. One of the Dublin players (who I won’t name) was on the fringes at the time and we were discussing him saying he seemed to be “carrying too much timber” … and “could do with losing some weight” etc. … and this is what must have been keeping him out of the starting line up …

Anyway roll forward a few months… we win Sam and the team are abroad … they play a challenge match in the Cayman Islands and a friend of mine over there plays against them and gets one of the players jersey’s… he sends it home to me… it’s players fit of course … delighted obviously, I try it on, the wife breaks her hole laughing at me and says it’s so tight on me it’s like a bra… now who’s carrying the timber! :grinning:

Got to the pub a few weeks later and suddenly I tell the lads maybe we were a bit harsh on said player, he’s actually just a unit!


well, i got a medium PF jersey last year and the 3-in-a-row is a small! Marathon training has its benefits!

Dont forget, Joe McNally had a players fit jersey.


So did Niall Patterson.


ah the days when people came in all shapes and sizes.

my brother used to work for an advertising company as a photographer and so he had an access all areas pass to Croke Park on match days. he decided to be close to the players tunnel one dublin match to get some pics of them exploding onto the field. he was amazed when Bryan Cullen did a tuck jump in front of him so high that his knees were higher then the brothers head.

and to think they’ve advanced eight years since then…like whippets now.


How tall (or small!) is the brother? :grin:


ah now we wouldn’t be giants but still it was impressive.


Ah ha, you (and your brother’s) identities have been revealed! I loved your hit ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’!


Anyone know where I can get a please fit me jersey?


i remember dancing like a loon to that in Galway on a college night away from dublin. have it on my phone and all.


The Great Outdoors!


For me, it’s a Duffy’s circus tent!


if it looks like a clown …




How many years do we have the current jersey? Managed to win one only last Christmas in a Dublin GAA twitter draw so I’m outta sync.

The old darker blue jersey was last seen in the AI final v Kerry in the rain IIRC. Looked great btw. The fact we were handing Kerry their arse on a plate may just be raising my fondness for that jersey a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


White Jersey came in after the league in 2016 IIRC




Was in Elverys yesterday getting one for me niece. Shes going the ladies final with her club and was mad to get a jersey for the occasion cause all her friends have one. The lad in the shop referred to it as the 2016 jersey and said after the ladies final the prices will drop as the new one is being released before Christmas along with new training tops, hoodies etc…


Anyone know where (aside from the O’Neills Website) I’d get the type of Dublin baseball cap ye see Jim wearing


Hiya Jim! How on earth did you manage to lose yer cap??


The Elverys shop on level 3 Cusack Stand had them on sale throughout the summer (€12) so their shops may have them