New Dublin Jersey


I think that is the reason I shudder when I see that poxy garment!


The 98-00 keepers long sleeve Jersey is only deadly.


I was wearing the 95 jersey at the Lais game and whatever slagged me about it. Great jersey. ‘Picked it up’ when I was on the junior panel around 99/00


I got my 95 Jersey off a mate who got it in Moore St I think, no advertisement on it, still my favourite top(for a dinner party or the opera)


I also had the 95 jersey with no sponsor on it. As far as I can remember the only way to get a jersey with Arnotts on it was to actually buy it in Arnotts. Mine had come from Lifestyle.


It’s all the better for no Arnotts on it


In Arnotts earlier and what they had was a version of the 95 AI winning jersey. It’s not the actual jersey itself, but rather a t-shirt done up to look like the jersey. It’s on the ground floor in the men’s section (not in the sports section) if anyone is looking for one, but the sizes are very small (I think they may be children’s sizes).


Not a new dublin jersey but if anyone wants to celebrate 4 in a row, above on sale in ONeills shop at the moment. Been a lucky geansai for us and probably a new one on the way for crimbo/New year to celebrate the 5 in a row.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did they have any of the different tshirts and training tops in O’Neills that you can’t get in Lifestyle/Elverys etc… did you notice?

Specifically I’m thinking about the tops they were wearing in the Gibson on the Monday morning… I’ve looked but can’t see them anywhere…


Bigger section of things a few I hadn’t see before. Sorry don’t know what top you mean.


They have the trainnng top that the team wear ,plus loads of other stuff other stores would never have , dropped in there during week and one of the staff said definitely new jersey for the chrimbo

Got it for cheaper than quoted price on the pic


Complete waste of money.

Sure it will be obsolete by next September.


Ah I get great wear from my 3 in a row. I waited a while and got it in the factory outlet at a discount. Will be doing the same with this.


Would you not go for the 4 in a row this time?


Yes I’ll wait a while to get it at discount. It’s €75 online and I got the 3inarow for €50 players fit and all.


They’re most of the posters here discounted so :grin:


My missus, who doesn’t even go to the matches, says player fit looks shite when you have a beer gut.


True but it’s a great incentive to get rid of one!


But it’s my most prized … and hard earned possession!


An investment.