New Dublin Jersey


“if it’s true” to quote your earlier post. You’re wrong to stop questioning it.

Costello is as far from an idiot as they come, so I doubt very much the reason is “We have the jerseys ready, but we’re not going to have them for sale at Christmas in case someone thinks we’re cashing in”.

That means that kids who want a Dublin jersey for Christmas will either get the old one (and be upset when the new one comes out weeks later), or will know only the old one is available so will ask for a soccer or rugby jersey instead.

So I think you’ve been told a whopper. You’d have to be an idiot to implement that decision, and Costello is certainly not an idiot


Why would you be “damned” for bringing out a new product for Christmas? Clubs only get “damned” for changing their jerseys too often, not for bringing them out for Christmas.


Jaysus read back up this thread … personally I couldn’t give a sh1te … but then I’m loaded …


A dose of the two bob bits !!


No City blood there to dilute all that country stuff … inevitable this would happen …


As said above O’Neill’s have a 3 in a row and Champions 17 versions - see top row>%20New%20County%20Range%20>%20IE%20customers&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&dm_i=3VHG,AZP8,391YUC,14N8Y,1


there is a du3lin three in a row tee shirt as well (no AIG on it) in the factory for €25.

there were also some sleveless jerseys


Can’t imagine there’s many lads on here who need to worry about buying sleeveless jerseys…


Bring out the guns! :muscle:


Maybe Dermo, for the warm up before the 2018 All Ireland final!



wonder is the new jersey on the way now the AIG deal has been sown up


I would of thought so. It’s been two years since the launch of the current one and typically they change it every two years. But if they are launching a new one it will have to be this week (even if you can’t purchase it til next week).


I was also thinking a new one would be out with O’Neill’s rebranding and their new logo (I’d imagine they won’t one of their largest sellers with the new logo)


yeah… will the hurlers have the new jersey this sunday?



I think this is very tidy!

Reckon the new jersey (for Chrimbo 2018) will have a retro vibe, ala Kerry’s latest and the above, with the shortened three stripe look.

All light blue, with navy stripe would be very nice. Kinda like the 2014 jersey, but with round neck as opposed to collar. I’ve never been keen on the bit of white in the current one


a very interesting pic further down that gaa swaps twitter page

cant get the pic to load, its from may 5th, Jim and some woman wearing the new (?) jersey… it has that new o’neills logo



big fan if thats it


This was from JG visit to Africa, from what I heard it was special commissioned jersey.